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Eternals Kit Harington Family History shares news of the re-release of Eternals movie on streaming platform Disney Plus and discusses Dane Family history.

The last year released movie Eternals has come to Disney Plus, and each one of you can now watch it in the comfort of your home. The 26th movie in Marvel Cinematic Universe was loved by superhero loving audiences in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, resulting in a $401 million collection.

In this movie, Kit Harington has played the role of Dane Whiteman, a mortal married to Eternal Sersi. To know more about Dane Whiteman’s character, keep reading Eternals Kit Harington Family History.

About Eternals Movie:

Eternal was released on 18th October 2021 and got an overwhelming response in most places. This movie was from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is based on the comic superhero character. 

Some of the films from this universe are Iron man, Ant-man and Captain America and Eternal, the latest release from Marvel Studios.

This movie is based on the storyline that Eternal’s Alien race came up from their comfort zone to protect the earth from their rival Deviants. Ten superheroes from the Eternal race work together to protect the earth.

They are Ikaris, Sersi, Sprite, Thena and Ajak.

Eternals Kit Harington Family History:

Kit Harington has played the role of Dane Whiteman, a human living in London. He is a coworker to Sersi in the London museum who was left centuries ago on earth by his Eternal husband, Ikaris. 

Dane Whiteman and Sersi are shown close to each other in the movie, and at times she encourages him to connect with his family.

There are many things that were not made clear in the movie, but hints are given during different scenes. 

In the movie, when forces try to destroy the earth, Sersi and their colleagues save it, and Dane is never shown in all these things.

Eternals Kit Harington Family History found that filmmakers gave hints about the Dane family history through the movie and towards the end.

Dane Whiteman as Black Knights:

Throughout the movie, the filmmaker tries to emphasize Dane Whiteman family history, and Sersi gifts her an important ring on his birthday. It appears that Dane is the bearer of Ebony blade which has special powers and is also a Black Knight.

In Marvel comics also Dane is shown as Black Knight and bearer of Ebony blade. But as in the movie, Kit Harington is working on solving his family linkage, so Dane Whiteman in marvel comics is trying to solve his family mystery.

Eternals Kit Harington Family History believes that the storyline of the movie will take the same line as is shown in Marvel comics.

In the comics, Dane has known most of his family secrets and deciphered the truth about Black Knight. We may see all these things in the next Eternals movie.

Final verdict:

Eternal fans can enjoy the movie’s re-release on the Disney Plus and try to see all the scenes to get the hints left by the filmmaker. We hope that Marvel Cinematic Universe  keeps making superhero movies loved by people across borders.

Eternals fans can share their thoughts in the comment section of Eternals Kit Harington Family History.

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