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The article Eswatini Wordle provides the details of today’s puzzle answer, its geographical facts, and the reasons for its renaming. 

Do you love playing wordle games? Are you aware of the spin-off version of Wordle called Wordle Game? If not, then this article provides the latest information about this game.

It is a geographically map based wordle game. It has gained popularity in countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand. Here is the article which discusses this new variant of Wordle and Eswatini Wordle.

The spin-off version

Worldle is a new version of the wordle game. Here, the players have to guess the country’s name with the provided 6 attempts and the country’s outline. But if you want to guess the answer, try using these hints before knowing the correct answer. 

The hints are that the place is located on the African continent, where the world’s youngest, an 18-year-old teenager, was crowned as a king. If you are still struggling to find the answer, here is the spoiler. Eswatini is the answer to today’s world puzzle (May 21, 2022). And this is why the word Eswatini is trending with ‘wordle’.

Eswatini Map

People are searching for the geographical location of Eswatini because it is the answer to a worldle puzzle. So people are more intrigued to know about it. It is present in the southern part of Africa, a landlocked country between Mozambique and South Africa. Mbabane is the capital city. It is one of the smallest countries that is present in Africa. 

They are ruled by King Mswati III and are well-known for tourist attractions such as Hlane Royal National Park and Sibebe Rock. They have a very diverse geographical location, ranging from rivers, valleys, mountains, forests, etc.

Eswatini’s old name 

Swaziland was the old name for Eswatini before the Eswatini Name Change in 2018.” Eswatini” means “land of Swazi”. Then King Mswati of Swaziland announced the renaming of his country on the occasion of Swaziland’s 50th independence. The main reason for the name change was that Swaziland was always mistaken for Switzerland. 

So, the King has changed the name. But the word Eswatini was not a new term for them because the king used to refer their country as Eswatini, even in the UN general assembly and in the parliament speech.

The worldle game guidelines 

Eswatini Wordle is a new variant that belongs to the wordle family. The worldle game looks like a wordle puzzle, but the users have to guess the country’s name. But there is a major difference. Here in worldle, the country’s political outline details will be provided.

A total of 6 guesses will be provided. The correctness of the answer can be known from the distance scale, which displays how far away the players are from their correct answer and the direction scale. The players can choose the difficulty level from the settings.


Thus, the article Eswatini Wordle provides the details about this game. This map-based worldle helps us to gain a lot of information about global countries. They even focus on small countries, which may indirectly benefit the countries because these puzzles allow people to explore the country. For more information on Eswatini. 

Do you find this article useful? Let us know about your guesses for the today’s puzzle in the comment section.

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