Error WS-37073-0 (Jan 2022) Bugs & Fixes Detailed Here!

The guide shares details about the Error WS-37073-0 and the available fixes to the error. 

Gaming consoles like PS4 or PS5 are not immune to errors. These are the electronic gaming consoles that are prone to errors and issues. Many players and users of PS4 gaming consoles in the United States have reported an error when attempting to sync their trophies in their gaming consoles. 

Players have reported that the error occurs with a code WS-37073-0. It signifies that the trophies gamers won in the games can’t be synced, and they are not accessible. Now, they are searching for the relevant fixes to Error WS-37073-0. Let us delve deeper to find out the fix to this error. 

What is the WS-37073-0 Error in PS4?

PlayStation 4 or PS4 is a gaming console with many errors that prevent gamers and users from enjoying online gaming. Some users of PS4 in the United States have reported a new error that prevents them from syncing their trophies on the platform.     

The gamers have reported that when they attempt to sync their trophies in the gaming console, they face an error with the code WS-37073-0. As per sources, it is the served-sided error caused when the gaming server malfunctions.

What are the Common Fixes to Error WS-37073-0?

After searching and evaluating online, we found a couple of common fixes that the victims of these errors shared. A video is available where the fixes are shared via video tutorial, while some users have shared the fixes via discussion forums. 

No matter which source you use to find the fixes, it is important to understand that it is a server-related issue, and you don’t have much to do rather than following the below tips to fix Error WS-37073-0.

  • Go to the notification menu
  • Click on the symbol of earned trophies
  • From the options, you have to choose “View” trophy info
  • You will see the regular trophies that you earned

These are the traditional steps. But, if you still face the error, follow the below tricks.

  • Go to the notification menu 
  • See the trophies you earned. If you don’t see any trophies go back to the system menu
  • From the menu, you need to delete all system data of the game and launch the game again

You may also contact the publisher or developers and ask them to load the trophies to your PS4 account. 

How are People Reacting to the Error?

The Error WS-37073-0 prevents many users and gamers from accessing their trophies. After facing the error, many gamers took social media to share their thoughts and find a resolution to it.

Besides, some users have shared the error in the discussion forum, and they attempt to find fixes to the error. You may read the threads and find the solution to the error on discussion forums.  


Playing games on PS4 is the most fun-filled activity. But things get irritating when users face the Error WS-37073-0. However, some common fixes are available that let you overcome the error. Besides, you must learn the common Things to Do When You Face An Error.

Are you facing the PS4 WS-37073-0 Error? Please, share what fixes you used in the comment section.

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