Error Code Val 59 (Nov 2021) Causes & How To Fix It?

How to Solve Error Code Val 59

The guide shares the common Error Code Val 59 and the fixes to solve the error and enjoy gaming.

Valorant or Val is the free-2-play FPS game developed and owned by Riot Game. The game was launched for the Microsoft Windows devices, and the 1st tease was released with codename Project A back in Oct 2019, and the official release was confirmed in June 2020.

Since its launch, different errors have been developed, hampering Canada and the United States players from enjoying the game. All errors come with an error code, of which the most common is the Error Code Val 59.   

We are here to discuss about the error code and the commonly available fixes. 

What is Val Error Code 59?

Valorant or Val is the first-person hero shooter game on Microsoft Windows, and currently, it is facing server-related issues with the error code 59. Many players have reported the error code on different forums and looking for reliable and effective fixes. 

Error code 59 is the server issue that many players are facing, and it occurs when the game is in the boot-up stage. The error code occurs when there is trouble connecting to the official game server.

But, you don’t have to worry as fixes are available. 

What are the Causes of Error Code Val 59?

Error Code Valorant 59 or Login Queue Fetch Token Failure is the common error or issue that occurs when the player attempts to launch the game. It occurs because of the Riot Client.

In many cases, the error code is displayed after updates or patches in the game. The error also occurs when the game fails to connect to the game server. So, by restarting or rebooting the game, the error code can be fixed. 

With a simple reboot or restart, the Error Code Val 59 can be fixed in many cases. 

How to Fix the Error Code Valorant 59?

There are multiple ways to fix the error code, and some of the common fixes are mentioned below.

  • Reboot the Game – As mentioned, the error code 59 can easily be fixed by rebooting the game. In many cases, the error occurs due to a server issue and by pressing ALT+F4 and restarting the game.
  • Check If All Having the Problem – You have to check whether all the players have the error or only your device has the issue. If all players have the error, then it might be an issue from the developer’s end. In such a case, you want to wait until the developers fix the Error Code Val 59
  • Check the ISP – If your internet service provider or ISP has connectivity issues, you may face Error Code 59 while attempting to launch it. You have to lodge a complaint and wait until your ISP provider is fixed in such a case. 


Valorant is the first-person hero shooter game that is widely enjoyed. But some players are facing a common error 59 and searching for the fixes. If you are also facing the same Error Code Val 59, use the common fixes mentioned above. Plus, you must always learn the Things to Do When Facing an Error to fix it quickly and enjoy gaming. 

Are you also facing the same Error Code 59? How you fixed it? Would you mind sharing it in the comments section?

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