Erik Hooks Arrested: Is Military Arrests FEMA Assistant Administrator?

The post on Erik Hooks Arrested News provides a deep insight into the reason for his arrest. Additionally, get the memo details and more.

Is Eric Hooks’s arrest news true? Do you know who he is? Eric is gaining attention due to his recent arrest by the officials. People in the United States are in shock and are curious to know the reason for the arrest.

The post on Erik Hooks Arrested will answer all the queries related to the arrest. Read and find the details here.

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Why did Erik’s arrest happen?

Erik Hooks was taken into custody on 19th August 2023. The allegation of Erik Hooks was quite disturbing to the public. Erik Hooks Arrest happened after the accusation of committing cheating and disrespecting people.

A comprehensive document of thirty-four pages was prepared after the arrest. The document mentions the inhuman declaration that Eric Hooks and his higher authority, Deanne Criswell, made. In the orders, they gave orders to the person in charge in Maui to do unethical work. 

The documents reality check is in the investigation stage. Hence, the truth of the allegation made against Eric is unclear.

Eric Hooks was a Deputy Administrator at FEMA. According to the sources, Eric Hooks FEMA colleagues were unhappy with the rules. 

A short note on FEMA

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) is responsible for all firefights. It is the United States based agency is the Fire Administration Department providing their service to the general public. They work to prevent people from fire by providing fire education, training for fire, research, and data collection.

Let us now understand the reports of Erik Hooks, a deputy Administration caught by the officials.

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Erik Hook’s Allegations reports

Erik Hooks Arrested due to his alleged involvement in inhuman orders against the wounded public on fire. Below are some essential reports on the allegations made by Erik.

  • Erik and his superior were accused of stopping people affected by a big fire in Lahaina from getting food and water.
  • They allegedly tried to stop the general public from helping or leaving the fire-damaged area.
  • Outrageously, there are allegations that FEMA agents were told to handle bodies caught in the fire without care.

The memo issued by the Erik

Though, investigations are still in progress by the officials. A memo issued was reported by varied sources on Erik Hook Arrested news. The memo contains the following details.

  • It was the typed memo with Erik and Criswell’s signatures.
  • The memo encourages Maui’s FEMA supervisors to burn or secretly bury the dead.
  • The memos had disturbing language, saying, “Entomb them deep.” It shows an absence of concern for human life.
  • The memo doesn’t explicitly tell FEMA in Maui to harm civilians, but the officials of the Marines found around 250 bodies with gunshot wounds.

The news of Erik Hooks Arrest urges people to look for complete details on his personal and professional life. 

Erik Hooks Wiki

  • Full name: Erik Adrian Hooks
  • Date of birth: 1967 (exact date is unknown)
  • Age: 56 years old
  • Birthplace: Spring Lake in North Carolina
  • Profession: Public Safety Official 
  • Experience: 30 years
  • Currently Job: Deputy Administration at FEMA
  • Education: Completed master’s in Liberals arts.
  • University: North Carolina State University. 
  • Nationality: American


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In conclusion, Eric Hooks got arrested by the Marines officialsVaried sources report the evidence against him. However, officials mention that the truth about it needs in-depth investigation.

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