Epic Games Best Frenzy (Sep) Play Together & Earn Points

The guide shares details about the new Epic Games Best Frenzy limited-time events and the rewards you can unlock.

As the last quarter of 2021 is about to start, Epic Games come with their new event scheduled between 31st August and 12th September 2021. Now players can play and win with friends and get exciting in-game rewards during the event. It goes by the name Best Friendzy event.

 The event is attracting many players in the United Kingdom and the United States. Fortnite players need to team up with their friends and win battles to unlock the in-game rewards for free. 

Epic Games Best Frenzy is the special event in Fortnite where players can play and earn in-game rewards.  Please note that Best Frenzy is the term used by many users to search for the special event. But, the term to use is Epic Games Best Frendzy and not Frenzy as it is only the searchable term. 

What is the Best Frenzy Event?

Best Frenzy is the limited-time special event in Fortnite games, and it is launched by the developer Epic Games. First, players have to sign-up on the event website and play games with their teammates to amass points. Then, they need to use those points to unlock the free in-game rewards during the event. 

The event is scheduled between 31st Aug and 12th Sept 2021. The progress is monitored in both Creative and Battle Royale modes.   

What are the Rewards Available in Epic Games Best Frenzy Event?

The limited-time event is launched to connect the old friends to play Fortnite. The event wants the players and their friends to spend time in the game to unlock the free cosmetics and rewards. Some of the rewards to expect during the event are:

  • Outer Space Handshake Emoticon available with three points
  • Life’s a Beach Wrap available for twenty points 
  • Invasion Remix Track available for ten points
  • Aquari-Axe Pickaxe available for 50 points 

These are some of the rewards you can unlock during the Epic Games Best Frenzy event. However, the rewards take thirty minutes to unlock. 

How to Earn Points During Best Frenzy Event?

Players can earn points by playing the Fortnite games with their friend list. They need to sign-up on the unique website of the event and play games to earn points. 

  • Playing the game for ten minutes will help earn one point. Players can earn the highest of six points in a day by playing the game in Creative mode. 
  • Players can choose the 60-min Daily Bonus Option to earn 3× points in ten minutes of gaming.   

How to Sign-up for the Best Frenzy Event?

Players interested in unlocking rewards during Epic Games Best Frenzy event need to sign-up on the best friendzy website. But, they need to have an Epic Game account.

  • Players have to visit the official website bestfriendzy.fortnite.com using their game account
  • Set a 60-min Daily Bonus Window 
  • Choose the most convenient time when you will be playing the game 
  • Start earning points to unlock the in-game rewards 


Epic Games ensure to keep the play base engaged and satisfied, and hence they often launched new events for them. Best Frenzy is the new limited-time event scheduled between 31st Aug and 12th Sept 2021. 

Players have to play Fortnite games with their friends and earn points to unlock free rewards during Epic Games Best Frenzy event.    

Have you already registered for the event? Then, please share your experiences during the event in the comments section.

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