Ellwen Reviews (March 2022) Is It A Legit Seller Or Not?

Ellwen Online Website Reviews

Get all detail about Ellwen Reviews by reading the content and deciding whether to buy from it or not. To know about its latest collection, stay with our blog.

Hello online shopping lovers, we are talking about a shopping domain that shares a vast collection of designer clothes. It is recently has been added to the online shopping place.

The web portal has registered in the United States and AustraliaThe online shoppers of the country are enjoying shopping from this portal. Here we will study all the parameters in the Ellen Reviews to solve all shoppers’ queries. So, please keep reading and follow our content for more information.

What is Ellwen.com?

It is a digitally placed shopping portal, and it deals in designer and trendy clothes. It deals in women’s clothes. It shares a collection of cotton clothes for women that are more comfortable in this summer season.

It is offering sales on products. It offers a significant discount on all products, and it offers cotton tops, western dresses, two-piece dresses at a reasonable price. Still, shoppers are eager to know Is Ellwen Legit or a fake portal.

Chief information of Ellwen.com

  • Website URL:https://www.ellwen.com/  
  • The Domain was formed on:19/01/2022
  • The Domain End Date:19/01/2023
  • Email Address: service@ellwen.com
  • Official Address: 71-75 Shelton-Street, Covent Garden, London, England,


  • Phone Number: Shoppers did not get any communicating number on the

official portal detail.

  • Shipping Policy: It offers buyers a 5 to 7 days delivery policy.
  • Free Shipping: It offers free shipping on orders above $79.
  • Return Policy: 30-days return policy is mentioned on the website.
  • Social Media Presence: No social media symbol is mentioned on the main portal page.

Return cost– Shoppers will be responsible for the return cost.

  • Express Shipping: As per Ellen Reviews, we found express shipping that takes 3 to 10

business days.

  • Refund Policy: Shoppers can get a full refund within 5 to 7 business days.
  • Nonrefundable Goods: Products on sale and personalized items are nonrefundable.
  • Cancellation Policy: Buyers can cancel the order within 24-hour after placing an order.
  • Payment Modes: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, etc.

Pros of Ellwen.com-

  • It is HTTPS secure shopping portal.
  • It offers all the accessible and valid policies to the customers.

Cons of Ellwen.com-

  • It is too new a Domain, so it creates a trust issue. Buyers do not find the contact number.

Is Ellen Legit or a fake portal?

Online frauds are rising by scammers, so online shoppers must study all the vital points of the portal before closing any deal. Let’s check some credential points of the portal.

  • The website was listed as a digitalized shopping domain on 19-01-2022, and the website’s age is 1 month and 17 days old.
  • The trust score of the digital portal is only 2%, which depicts a horrible trust index.
  • The store’s designer mentioned the store’s valid address with company name and number.
  • The web portal offers irrelevant discounts on few products that not supports portal credibility.
  • As per Ellen Reviews, consumers cannot find an exchange number on the website’s address.
  • The website does not show the proprietor’s store name, which is crucial for the shoppers.
  • It does not create an advertisement page on the leading social media sites.
  • The website owns 60% replica content from other same shopping portal.
  • In the last 90-days, this website does not secure any rank on the world’s leading ranking site, Alexa.
  • The individual pages explain every policy.

We cannot say that it is an authentic site from the above information. 

What declares Ellwen Reviews about the Domain?

The website is too new on the shopping portal, so it does not get recognition among the shoppers. It is not too old, so it needs time to establish itself as a famous online portal. Although due to the absence of social media presence, we did not get a single review of the website.

To study its business graph, we found its performance is so poor that it does not get the buyers’ trust, so buyers need to consider it-How to Get A Refund on PayPal, If Scammed. Lacking in info warns buyers the site can be a scam.

Wrapping -Up-

The information on Ellen Reviews will give all the information about the Domain, and to more detail, visit here- white shirt collar cotton-blend sweatshirts and tops and get about more products.

You should know – Get Money Back on Credit Card and avoid online fraud.

Have you purchased trendy clothes from it? Please share your thoughts with us.

19 thoughts on “Ellwen Reviews (March 2022) Is It A Legit Seller Or Not?

  1. I ordered 5 shirts after carefully reviewing their size chart. I received 5 shirts, 4 that I ordered and one that I didn’t. One was too big, 2 were too small and one fit (all the same size). I emailed them about the issues and was told since the warehouse was in China, I should’ve sized up my order and that it would cost me a lot to return the item(s) and they asked me if I could “just keep it?” There was no acknowledgement about the item I didn’t receive or the item sent in error. I will NEVER order from this place again!!

      1. I eventually WAS offered a $30 refund, but they said they couldn’t issue it because my PayPal account was frozen (it’s not frozen). I opened a dispute with PayPal but that was denied because a delivery confirmation was provided. Yeah, a delivery confirmation OF THE WRONG ITEM. I have asked PayPal to reconsider their denial as I have emails that support ALL my statements. I know it’s only $30 but it’s $30 that I am OWED! I’m so frustrated!!

  2. I finally got my shirts they look like kids clothes and I ordered bigger. They wanted me to keep them because they say its hard too return and will not refund my money untill they get them unless they dont get threw customs . I have never bought something so hard to return . I would have never bought from them if I had known where they where. Started a claim with my card company . I would highly tell any one NOT TO BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS WEB SITE

    1. Hello LINDA WILSON, feels sad to hear. The fraudulent do not even bother with products. Did you get any confirmation mail? Looking at all comments, no one has received any product to date. So, go for a refund.

  3. I ordered 3 items in February, 2022 From ELlwen.com i would contact them through their email they sent me a tracking(link did not work) Then the sent the tracking report
    I was scammed,, tracking report never showed any
    Buisness who shipped,, 3 months later i get an email
    Back saying i need to go to my post office and get it it maybe they have it.
    This Company is Scam,,

  4. I ordered three shirts that never arrived, yet I was charged. Customer service takes forever to get back to you. There response not our problem contact Post Office. I would never order from this company again. It was a $70.00 lesson.

  5. That happened to me 2 items ordered one of the items was not the correct item the other one completely different materials used ..they were UGLY…but I contacted PayPal dispute centre..and meantime the company offered me a €10 refund but I stuck to my guns followed emails back and forth offering increment s of $5 said no …eventually PayPal sorted it and I got a full refund and I didn’t have to send the ” rags” back

  6. Ordered $109 , 3 outfits. Received 3 outfits, 1 that was in my order and 2 completely wrong . Was told to keep with a 20 refund. I said no, they replied with sorry will you except 30. Again I said no, they then offed 50 and again I said no. I wrote back and said I will take my originall or or a 70 dollar refund, they agrred on refund and said it would take 1-3 days, its now been 4 and nothing. Dont order from the company, the correct outfil that I did get, was small for a 2x, cheap material and see-thu.

    1. Hi Gabriele Wright-Velez, Please read reviews and explore the website very minutely. Hopefully, you will be safe from any mishappening. Thank you for sharing your views. Stay safe.

  7. Hi customer,

    Please do not waste your time purchasing clothes from Ellwen you will be Disappointed. Looks are very Deceiving.
    6/14/22 just received my order nothing like the pictures and the quality of the clothes cheap, cheap.

    Lost Customer

    1. Hello V. Havard, we feel nervous, you have not received the order. It can be suggested to check with your payment company and get a refund. Please let us know further updates. Be cautious. Thanks & regards.

  8. It is a total bait and switch site I ordered 5 blouses and ended up with 5 shirts that were not even close to what I ordered they were cheap junk that I wouldn’t wear to clean out my garage I have started a refund through paypal

    1. Hello jeannie wray, we feel bad, that you have not received the order. Check if you get any reply from them, else try for a refund option. Reach the payment company to get your money back. Please update here. Be aware. Take care. Thanks.

  9. i got caught. ordered five items and was supposed to get the sixth free. no. They said i only ordered five and the sixth was left in my cart and i would have to pay for it. Some of the clothes i received were completely different to what i ordered. yes the sizing is wrong. The fabric is cheap. The real clothes don’t reflect what they advertise. DO NOT buy clothes from these people. They are a con. i am not even going to bother and try to get a refund. i had so much trouble with them just ignorinsg what i was saying. in my complaint. This company is a complete rip off from start to finish. The clothes are no.t good enough to wear

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