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Do you want to know the definition of Elfin? Daily numerous terms have become popular over the Internet due to a few reasons. Moreover, some people want to recognize the meaning of a particular word since it turns out to be the answer to any word-guessing game.

But, a term is primarily searched by the individuals of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. So, please focus throughout, as this write-up will disclose the Elfin Definition threads. 

Defining The Term Elfin

As per our findings, Elfin has many definitions so we will draft all the connected threads to the term here. Furthermore, according to a source, Elfin is defined as something produced or a part related to an elf. Also, the term can be explained as a smaller portion of the elf. 

In addition, an elf denotes something or someone who has a supernatural feature or a desirable charm. Moreover, through a thread, we noted that during the 16th century, the term originated from the elf. Now, let us discuss a bird with an identical name related to the term. 

What Is Elfin Woods Warbler?

Our research found that the bird’s species is endemic to Puerto Rico. In addition, the sources have hinted that they live in small populations, and thus efforts were initiated by the government in 1982 to preserve their species. The species is not in extreme danger, but climatic and other natural disasters threaten them. 

The bird was first encountered by Angela Kepler and Cameron in 1968 while observing other birds. Later on 18th May 1971, in El Yunque National Forest, they were seen, believed to be in their prime habitat. Cameron and Angela evaluated its species one year later and named the bird Dendroica angelae. 

The Elfin Definition threads highlighted that they are oviparous and terrestrial and are not migrants. Also, they eat insects in their habitat, hinting that they are insectivores. So, let us focus on the underneath passage to know more strings attached to the bird. 

Supplementary Details Of The Bird

The bird belonging to the order Passeriformes lengths and weighs about 12.5 cm and 8.4 g, respectively. In addition, externally, the bird’s body is black-colored with white streaks. Moreover, it has dark brown-colored eyes, a long beak, and round and short wings. Its vocals are nice but tough to listen to and resemble bananaquit’s voice. The survey has noticed that Elfin Woods Warbler is usually found at high altitudes. But sadly, these endangered species have a few dangerous predators, including the Puerto Rican sharp-shinned hawk. 

The Final Words

This writing showed the strings to a trendy question, i.e., the meaning of the term Elfin. Moreover, we have also illustrated the history and the connected threads to the Elfin Warbler endangered bird. Learn and realize more information on the bird here

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