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The below-given article talks about Electric Chevrolet Corvettes and elaborates why it is in the news.

Science and technology have come a long way over the years. With the rising ill effects of fossil fuels, the world is all set to go the electric way with the discovery of electric vehicles. The latest to join the bandwagon is General Motors, who, on 25 April 2022, announced the launch of Chevrolet Corvettes which would be electric.

The cars will be launched in the United States, and the date is yet to be released. Thus, for everyone curious to know more about Electric Chevrolet Corvettes, this article will be the perfect place you have landed. Continue to read to know more.

Why is General Motors in the news?

General Motors in the United States has announced producing the electrified version of the Chevrolet Corvette, followed by yet another all-electric version of the vehicle. The announcement was made by Mark Reuss, the president of General Motors.

However, there were no other details that were disclosed about the vehicle. Besides, it is yet to be known if the sports car will be designed in a traditional hybrid model or a plug-in version of the hybrid Electric Chevrolet Corvettes vehicle. In the coming sections, we will know more about the vehicle.

What are Electric Cars?

  • Before we proceed to know more details about the electrified Chevrolet Corvettes, let us get a sneak peek into what electric cars are.
  • These are automobiles propelled using one or more electrical components, which utilize only the energy stored in the batteries.
  • They do not have exhaust emissions and thus lower the emissions compared to internal combustion engines, also known as ICE vehicles.
  • Furthermore, the cars can either be a hybrid version that can be used both ways or completely plug-in electric cars that needs to be charged.

Electric Chevrolet Corvettes – Know More Details

General Motors have confirmed the release of electrified Corvettes amidst the pressure of other automakers who are working towards building a better version of the Electrified Vehicle industry leader, i.e., Tesla. Besides, the announcement also comes a day before Ford Motor’s scheduled event showcasing the F-150 Lightning pickup.

The announcements with this have garnered media attention and have also spiked the public’s curiosity. On the other hand, General Motors also announced its plans to sell electric vehicles by 2035. Furthermore, other than the announcement of Electric Chevrolet Corvettes, the company is also in the process of releasing 30 new Electric Vehicles worldwide by 2025, for which it has invested over $35 billion in the electric and autonomous vehicle industry.

Final Conclusion

The world has come a long way with its progress from traditional methods to going entirely technical. Herein, the invention of electric vehicles will be most awaited. The world eagerly waits to find if the model will be electrified entirely or if it will be traditionally hybrid or a plug-in hybrid model.

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