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Electric Bike For Your Dad: The truth is, to be gifted an e-bike is to be gifted something amazing but there are still a lot of reasons why a high-performance electric bicycle is a special gift for every Dad. And a gift that can be presented on any occasion. Father’s Day is a beloved tradition with a long legacy of honoring fathers and father figures around the world. What better way to honor Dads than to indulge them in the gift that keeps on giving – a new electric bike! Or maybe it’s not Father’s Day, but it should still be a special gift to consider as something Dads will appreciate as a birthday gift or even as a random surprise package.

Why your Dad deserves an electric bike

Here are some reasons why we think an e-bike might just be the perfect gift idea for your Dad:

  • Rising Gas Prices

One of the biggest reasons for e-bike ownership these days is simple economics and very worthy of consideration – rising gas prices.

Gas prices are on the rise and have been a big issue for many Americans right now. Probably, they will only get worse as we approach the much more travel-intensive period of summer.

An e-bike is a great way for anybody to reduce their car usage and have to take expensive trips to the gas station. We are pretty sure Dads will be grateful to save more of their hard-earned cash.

For the fathers who don’t work remotely, e-bikes are the perfect commute to and fro work, especially when it is a short distance. He can get to work in due time and slip easily through traffic while cruising along, enjoying some breeze.

  • Coping With The Lockdown

In the past couple of years, many fathers have faced some unexpected challenges, some having to become stay-at-home Dads, some homeschool teachers. Others have had to take jobs closer to home or transitioned to remote work to keep supporting their family’s changing needs. Some families chose to downsize by selling a second car just to adjust to new financial concerns and options.

What remains important is that families have a reliable person for grocery-getting and a fun way to run some errands and, maybe, still look cool in the process.

We are sure Dads will appreciate a fast, fun, and convenient ride to keep up with all the errands, the kids, and maybe keep some in their pockets!

  • For A Healthier Lifestyle

Another interesting reason to gift someone an e-bike this year is because of the healthy outdoor activity. So many people have had to retreat from normal activity in the past couple of years and to be quite candid, not many took up marathon running or CrossFit.

Continued studies have reiterated their affirmation that e-bikes and e-biking provide an important fitness outlet and allow riders to burn as many calories as other popular forms of exercise. Some even show that riders burn more calories than any other sport!

Those who have successfully made the switch to remote work probably undertake multiple remote jobs, and have most likely seen less sunlight over the past couple of years. Still, enough exposure to Vitamin D is vital for balanced health.

Physical fitness, vitamin D, and fresh air cannot be undermined in the quest for a healthier life. Riding an e-bike might not guarantee that your Dad will get enough vitamin D, but you can be sure he will be getting enough air and fitness.

  • For The Fresher Air

A significant decrease in smog and pollution has been noted in the past couple of years all over the world. The pandemic and the subsequent laws restricting movement, with the work and school environment getting a different definition have all contributed to this change.

People have had to stay at home and stay safe. Dads no longer have to drive miles to get the simpler things done. Fewer car miles means we can worry less about air pollution. 

At KBO Bikes, we have e-bikes that can be used to ferry gear and groceries very conveniently, so your Dad can enjoy the fresh air while catching wind on an e-bike or doing a simple run down to the grocery store.

  • For a Good Time

Whether pedaling along a dusty old trail and enjoying the sights or breezing down a low-traffic street catching some wind, e-bike riding can be a lot of fun.

If your Dad hasn’t been going out and you feel this may create feelings of isolation, maybe you should get him that high-performance e-bike.

An e-bike is a quite fun activity that can be even more interesting. Getting in touch with other riders will quickly reveal how fun you can have while riding your e-bike.

There are riding groups and programs that can give the needed motivation to get your Dad out and bike again and again. There are events and competitions for e-bike riders to partake in. There is an entire world of e-bikes and e-bike riding to explore, which can help with the monotony of remote work and covid regulations.

E-bikes are generally applauded for the level of ease and fun they bring to cycling. Whether it is cruising along at a quite leisurely speed or catching some wind on the freeway, e-bikes are a sweet way for anyone to have a great time.

In Conclusion

Your Dad might appreciate an e-bike gift, especially when the added incentives are a healthier life, better physical and mental fitness, and all-around betterment.

Studies continue to show e-bike riding as a top-tier exercise for fitness and burning calories, as much as any other high-intensity sport. Helping your Dad to encourage a healthy lifestyle and better fitness are key steps to ensuring vitality for longer.

Whether it is to have fun getting fit, commute to work or just to discover something new, an e-bike might just be the perfect gift for this season.

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