Eleceed Chapter 175 {Jan} Know What New It Includes!

In this post, we have discussed the popular manga series Eleceed and the latest Eleceed Chapter 175 with a recap of Chapter 174.

Are you a fan of the Eleceed manga series? Are you aware of its latest chapter, Chapter 175? Are you interested in learning more? If yes, you might want to read this post.

Eleceed is a well known manga series available in Korean and English. Eleceed manga fans Worldwide are always searching for the latest chapter releases and spoilers. So, in this post, we will discuss the latest Eleceed Chapter 175.

What is Eleceed?

Eleceed is a manga authored by him and drawn by ZHENA. It is available in the Korean language on the Naver Webtoon website and English as well as Korean on the Webtoon website or application. On 2nd October 2018, the first chapter of the manga was released on the Korean Naver site. 

The series chronicles Jiwoo Seo’s journey and adventures as he uncovers a new world full of individuals with special talents. After spending much of his life disguising his abilities, his chance meeting with Kayden exposes him to a different world with different sets of laws. 

Before knowing more about Eleceed Chapter 175, let us recap the last Chapter 174. 

Eleceed Chapter 174

In Chapter 174, Julien becomes amazed when he learns that the Awakener Association’s master is a lady junior to him. He feels it’s because the Awakener Association’s master is a young lady that their qualifications must have been quite low. During his talk, Julien reveals that he and his grandfather are on their way to Korea.

At the end of the chapter, Julien begins to question whether the vow she is so anxious about upholding is because of Jiwoo. While pretending cool, he becomes obviously distressed as a result of this.

Eleceed Chapter 175 

In Chapter 175, Julian stated that as long as Jiwoo can strike him, he would regard it as his loss. He says this not out of pride, but due to his status, as we’ve seen, he appears to be rather humble and pleasant.

Jiwoo then attempted to build up a lighting shot, but then as soon as the fight began, he dashed for Julian and smacked him in the face with his full power/speed before Julian could respond. Jiwoo was declared the winner. Jiwoo duped Julian and his grandpa into believing that his major power was likewise lightning.

As seen in Eleceed Chapter 175, Julian officially lost this fight. However, despite being hit with Jiwoo’s full force, he was unharmed physically. Jiwoo’s maximum speed has wiped out everyone else, even the Klein brothers / the Duke. This demonstrates Julian’s physical superiority.

Jiwoo has also summoned lightning for the first time without speed, as witnessed at the start of the fight. This might indicate that Jiwoo would be able to increase his armament in the future, potentially including ranged lightning assaults. 


Chapter 175 of the Eleceed manga series is quite interesting. Though Jiwoo’s win doesn’t seem fair one, we will see the consequence of the fight in the upcoming chapter. Visit Eleceed Wiki   for more. 

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