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This news article describes the Marvel story and, in the story, a new role of El Muerto Marvel Wiki to enlighten viewers about the further story in the Marvel.  

Are you aware of the Marvel characters in Sony Pictures? Do you know that there is an expansion of Universe characters in the Marvel story? Are you aware of who will be the new members of the Marvel story? 

If you are unaware of these questions as people in the United States and Mexico, you must read this article to learn about the Marvel story. Therefore, we are sharing detailed Information about El Muerto Marvel Wiki in this article for your better understanding of the story and the new members. 

Who is El Muerto in Marvel? 

In the Marvel story of Sony Pictures, there will be an anti-hero against Spider-Man, El Muerto. Bad Bunny or Antonio Martinez-Ocasio will play the role of El Muerto. 

Antonio is a rapper, singer, and actor, and this 28-years-old personality will now be seen in Marvel. However, there is not much information available about what will be the role of El Muerto in the Marvel story. 

As we need to know about El Muerto Marvel Wikithere is not much information about this character in the story. But there is some information like El Muerto will be a wrestler in the story who will have all the superpowers he would receive from their ancestors. 

Initially, El Muerto does not use his powers and is somehow unaware. In the story, his father died protecting him, which inspired him to use the power. Later he was given a time of ten years to understand the globe in the Marvel story. 

What are the features of El Muerto, according to the El Muerto Marvel Wiki

El Muerto has the superpowers of wrestling, and once his father dies, and after his ten-year period of global knowledge, he challenges to fight a wrestling game with Spiderman which is the biggest factor in the story. 

Thus, this special feature of El Muerto in the Marvel story from which he will fight Spiderman. In the wrestling match, El Muerto even defeated Spiderman, but later due to the stung of the spider-man, he was paralyzed. 

So, the special feature of the El Muerto in the Marvel story, according to El Muerto Marvel Wikiis to fight strongly through which he defeated even Spiderman. 

What is more information available about El Muerto’s role? 

The storyline of the Marvel story for the EL Muerto role is not yet disclosed, and there is not much information available about what will happen further in the story and the role. However, it is set to be declared on 12th January 2024. 

Apart from this, there is not much information available on the internet, or the official site of Marvel does not yet declare it. Further, if you want to delve more into this topic, click here

Final Verdict: 

El Muerto Marvel Wiki provides little information about the role. It only mentions his anti-roll against Spider-Man in Marvel with his superpowers of wrestling in the story. Much more information is yet to be released, and we need to wait for it. 

Which character is your favorite character in Marvel? You can share about it in the comment section below. 

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