Efficient Paper Waste Management System

In developed countries, the waste management system is constantly developing. In particular, decisive steps are being taken towards the proper disposal of used paper. Waste paper is bought and sold today. If you see, for example, OCC 11 waste paper price, then you can say that the same used cardboard is sold and bought for good money. But if we take into account that waste paper, even after processing, is cheaper than primary cellulose raw materials, then in the end it turns out to offer the consumer inexpensive products made from recycled secondary raw materials.

In order to ensure efficient processing and obtain high-quality raw materials, waste paper and cardboard must be collected separately. The waste sorting system enjoys the support of government authorities in those countries where there is an active policy for the development of the processing industry. Separate collection makes it possible to further ensure the high quality of the obtained secondary raw materials for the purposes of new production. If a separate system is not introduced, then the used paper is contaminated, which negatively affects the final result. Secondary raw materials are of poor quality.

Sorting is important for recycling purposes

Paper waste needs to be sorted. This must be done, since each type of paper used has its own characteristics. Sorting allows more efficient use of the processing plant’s production capacity. In addition, sorting is a mandatory process that allows suppliers of waste paper to offer it as an item of sale to those who need it, that is, processors.

In the recycled paper market, special grade catalogs are used. America, Europe, Asia have their own catalogs. However, in terms of their information content, they are largely similar. All catalogs contain varieties with a list of specific requirements. Descriptions of one or another grade are given, indicating various inclusions and the content of foreign materials. The product offered by the supplier of paper waste must comply with the requirements specified in the catalogs.

Where is sorting performed? As a rule, such a process is carried out by companies involved in the collection of waste paper. Waste paper, cardboard is disassembled according to its appearance and pressed into bales. It is in such bales that waste paper is sent to processing enterprises, where a production operation for the processing of paper waste is already being carried out. It is important to understand that in the process of processing a particular type of waste paper, a certain set of production operations is carried out. As a result, processors receive secondary raw materials with varying degrees of quality. Depending on the degree of quality, such raw materials are used in the manufacture of materials that are in demand in the production of certain goods of various types.

How to buy old newspapers and other types of waste paper? To meet this challenge, processors are building relationships with suppliers of sorted used paper and paperboard. As a rule, the adjustment of such relations takes place in the market of secondary raw materials. Some processors go the other way. They cooperate with waste brokers. So they manage to eliminate the problems that always arise during independent actions related to the search for suppliers of waste paper. 

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