Eevshop Reviews (Jan 2022) Is This Genuine Or Scam?

Have you heard how Eevshop Reviews helps to identify a shoe-selling site? If you want reliable reviews for the website, scroll through this composition.

Do you love wearing shoes of popular brands like Adidas, and Nike? What if you can get it at a cheap price? Before that, kindly check its authenticity. 

Duplicity and phishing are expanding Worldwide, which is not a good sign for our society. In addition, these days, people get easily fooled by some websites that pretend to give products at little cost. 

But, through our post, we alert online buyers from such websites. So, today, we will uncover an online shoe store by gathering Eevshop Reviews present on the Internet. 

What Is 

The portal tries to sell shoes of renowned brands like Nike, Adidas, Jordan, etc., at a convenient price. Also, as per their statement, they tried to hold a good relationship with customers through their goods. Moreover, they guarantee to provide the shoes of great quality passed by the management team. 

Next, they stated that their customer service team replies to them quickly to understand their thoughts and improvise accordingly. After discussing the site, let us dig more about it in the next section. 

Crucial checkpoints To Declare Is Eevshop Legit?

  • The portal’s domain registration date is 28-12-2021 and is only 19 days old. 
  • provides Adidas, Jordan and Nike shoes. 
  • No exchange policy is written on the portal. 
  • is the store’s email address. 
  • Their store is located on 110 Each Rd, Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, USA. 
  • We have failed to assemble any return policy information. 
  • You can transact through PayPal, credit cards, etc. 
  • Related information on the refund policy is lacking. 
  • We haven’t seen the newsletter option.
  • The phone number is lacking, which exhibits questions. 
  • According to Eevshop Reviews, the shipping time is dependent on its receiving and processing time, consuming 20 days. 
  • The Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter icons are given.
  • You will receive your package within 5-9 days. 
  • The store’s functional hours are 9 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday.

Why Is The Site Admirable?

  • The flash sale is providing 50% to 70% off. 
  • The shop’s location and customer service mail are present. 
  • We have found the social icons.  
  • has quoted their working hours.  
  • The items are given a 5-star rating, finding Is Eevshop Legit?

Troubles In 

  • Apart from the shipping information, no other policies are explained. 
  • The website extracted a low trust rank value of 28.4/100. 
  • The social icons are false.
  • On a different site, the site has gained two negative feedbacks. 
  • has a 1% trust score.  
  • The newsletter option is unavailable. 
  • The Trustpilot opinions are devoid. 

Is Eevshop Not Reliable?

  • Social Network Connections- The given icons are useless. 
  • Domain’s Suspension Date- 28-12-2022 is’s termination date. 
  • Trust Score- We have noticed a low value. 
  • Website’s Age- By investigating the Eevshop Reviews, we have found that the shoe store is only 19 days old, created on 28-12-2021. 
  • Trust Rank- 28.4/100 is the portal’s trust rank. 
  • Alexa Rank- The portal carries a 231475 Alexa Rank. 
  • Shopper’s Comment- The positive feedback on the site doesn’t seem trustworthy. Also, on Trustpilot, the user’s opinions are lacking. But on another portal, we have retained negative comments. 
  • Policies- The majority of policies are not discussed on 
  • Location’s Validity- Other accommodation is located at the quoted address. 
  • Founder’s Information- We haven’t noticed the owner’s name. 

Buyers’ Eevshop Reviews 

To find the truth behind the site, we have done thorough research; but found no reviews on Trustpilot. However, we have extracted genuine public reviews on a different portal, exposing the site.

Furthermore, the client proposed that the website be a scam since none of the representatives replied after getting the PayPal payment, and no order was sent. Also, the user declared that the amount was sent to Keisha Daniels, implying that a scam had happened. Similarly, the other user wrote that it is a ghost website. Read for the PayPal scams here. 


This writing peeled the Eevshop Reviews to recognize a portal’s reality. Moreover, we have noticed that the website has Nike, Adidas shoes to attract attention.

In addition, the authentic feedback proposed that the website is not reliable, but since the portal is freshly invented, we put this site as suspicious and questionable. To get information about a refund from the credit card frauds, kindly visit here. 

Is the website false? Kindly add your judgment below. 

2 thoughts on “Eevshop Reviews (Jan 2022) Is This Genuine Or Scam?”

  1. Fake webshop!! Don’t buy there.
    I ordered a pair of Jordans, paid with Paypal (you had an option to send payment to friend or just the normal way).
    When I got the order confirmed the bells were ringing, because of the short not detailed order confirmation.
    Send mail to all available adresses about when my order will be shipped … no response.
    Made a dispute by Paypal.


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