Edj Vintage Reviews {Nov} Is This Authentic Or A Scam?

Read about an e-commerce website that sells good quality second-hand vintage clothing. Know all the facts in Edj Vintage Reviews.

Are you a collector of vintage clothes in the United Kingdom? Are you a lover of vintage clothes and want to wear them instead of making a collection? Then Edj Vntge® is a great website to shop from. 

Edjvntge.com mentioned that a small amount of wear and tear is expected in old clothes, and the size may not match the label on the clothes. Edjvntge.com is a few days away from its expiration date; we suggest reading Edj Vintage Reviews.


Edjvntge.com sells second-hand vintage clothing online. Edjvntge.com categorises clothing based on sizes and gender; and packs them as a bundle to be sold as Mystery boxes. Such Mystery boxes may contain any design, colour and style of clothes. Overall, there are 16 items on sale at Edjvntge.com. Some of them are:

  • Standard vintage mystery box
  • Premium vintage mystery box
  • Vintage mystery leg-wear item
  • Vintage mystery item box (womenswear), etc.


  • Buy vintage clothes at: https://www.edjvntge.com/.
  • Social media Links: not included on Edjvntge.com.
  • Price: between £19.00 to £1175.00, considered in reviewing Is Edj Vintage Legit?
  • Physical address: not mentioned on Edjvntge.com.
  • Customer Reviews and blogs: not supported by Edjvntge.com.
  • Terms and Conditions: not specified on Edjvntge.com.
  • Privacy policy: not specified on Edjvntge.com.
  • Phone (or) whatsapp number: not specified on Edjvntge.com.
  • Store locator: Edjvntge.com does not feature a store locator and addresses of a physical store.
  • Delivery: Delivery within the UK takes 10 working days, and international shipment may take 4 weeks.
  • Shipping: The exact processing time and shipping rates were not specified.
  • Tracking: Possible on third party websites like Hermes.
  • Cancellation: Policy information not mentioned. A negative highlight in Edj Vintage Reviews.
  • Return Policy: Only defective (or) incorrect clothing qualifies for returns.
  • Refunds: Refunds are given in exceptional cases if the customer does not prefer an exchange.
  • Email address: not specified on Edjvntge.com.
  • Mode of Payment: In GBP.
  • Newsletters: Edjvntge.com does not publish newsletters.
  • Help and FAQs: this section is not present on Edjvntge.com
  • Owner’s details: The details of the Edjvntge.com owner is hidden using internet censorship.


  • Edjvntge.com is a unique store that sells second-hand vintage clothing
  • Edjvntge.com sells vintage clothing with minimum (or) no damage and in good condition 

Cons to check Is Edj Vintage Legit:

  • The vintage clothes may vary in size
  • Till there is a major defect, the clothes are still considered in good condition
  • Important policies are missing on Edjvntge.com
  • Poor Edjvntge.com design with no searching, filtering and sorting options and
  • It isn’t easy to contact Edjvntge.com customer service

Is Edjvntge.com Legit?

  • Edjvntge.com Creation: 29th March 2020 at 04:48:36 PM.
  • Edjvntge.com Last updated on: 14th March 2021 at 01:13:59 PM
  • Edjvntge.com Expiry: within next 57 days on 29th March 2022 at 04:48:36 PM.
  • Edjvntge.com Age: 1 year, 10 months and 3 days old, which is an important factor in Edj Vintage Reviews.
  • Trust Index: Edjvntge achived a bad trust rating of 27%.
  • Place of origin: Edjvntge.com originated in Canada.
  • Status of Blacklisting: Edjvntge.com is not blacklisted.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: a positive highlight due to a 4/100 score.
  • Threat Profile: a positive highlight due to a 2/100 score.
  • Phishing Score: a positive highlight due to a 1/100 score.
  • Malware Score: a positive highlight due to a 2/100 score.
  • Spam Score: a positive highlight due to 0/100 score.
  • Connection Security: Edjvntge.com uses valid HTTPS protocol. 
  • Contact person: not Specific on Edjvntge.com.
  • Social relations: Edjvntge.com is present on Twitter with more than 33K followers.
  • Owner’s contact: hidden using an internet service.

Customers Edj Vintage Reviews:

Product reviews are present on Edjvntge.com, and all product reviews are positive and rated above 4 stars. Hence, they are not reliable and unrealistic. 

There are several positive and exciting YouTube reviews on Edj Vintage Mystery Boxes. On a customer reviewing website, 4,206 customers had rated Edjvntge.com at 2.6/5 stars.

There are no reviews found on @edjvntge on Instagram. However, there are four positive website reviews on the internet. Unfortunately, Edjvntge.com achieved a terrible Alexa ranking of 1,914,429.

As a payment channel was not specified upfront on Edjvntge.com, please Read About PayPal Scams to avoid being scammed.


Edj Vintage Reviews concludes that Edjvntge.com is potentially a legitimate website. However, Edjvntge.com will expire in the next 21 days and also even after 23 months, Edjvntge.com achieve only a 27% trust score and a terrible Alexa Ranking.

We do not recommend Edjvntge.com till it renews its registration and suggest you Read About Credit Card Scams to avoid internet fraud.

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  1. I sent several messages with no response and want to return the clothes as came damaged zipper and no condition to wear, spent money for awful pieces and damaged. How we contact them and return the 2 pieces in order to have my money back please? Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks a lot


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