Edition Horizon Forbidden West Launch (Feb) Updates Here

If you are eager to know about Edition Horizon Forbidden West Launch, this guide will help you learn all the details about this Horizon Series game.

Have you played Horizon Zero Dawn? Did you find it as per your likings? Well, then we are very much sure that you will be delighted to hear that the next game of this Horizon series is just about to launch. 

Whether in the United Kingdom or Canada, all the players worldwide are more than curious to find out the details of this new game. This article about Edition Horizon Forbidden West Launch has got your back if you also belong to this gaming community.

About the Game

The Horizon Forbidden West is a sequel to the 2017 game called Horizon Zero Dawn. Sony Interactive Entertainment published this game on the PS4 and PS5 platforms. This game belongs to the action-role-play genre and is developed by Guerrilla Games. The game is available in single-player mode. Here we have brought a brief summary of the plot of this game.

The storyline of the game continues the story of the previous game. The details of Edition Horizon Forbidden West Launch show that it is set in an apocalyptic world where a plague destroys everyone. A girl named Aloy takes on the quest to find the source of this disease along with some companions.

On this journey, this young hunter from the Nora tribe will encounter deadly regions, dangerous raiders, attacks of machinery creatures etc. she needs to use her survival skill and weapons to overcome all the barriers in the way of her mission.

The game is available in various editions like the standard edition, special edition, collector’s edition and regalla edition. As per Edition Horizon Forbidden West Launch details, all editions have different prices and come with different benefits. So, check all the details properly before buying.

Release Date

It took five years for this sequel of Zero Dawn to be launched. Though the prequel story was quite complete in itself yet, all the fans wanted to relive Aloy’s life in a new chapter. So, finally, the wait is over, and Horizon Forbidden west is all set to play. Sony has released the game on 18th February. The pre-ordering for this game started much before the launch.

Reception of Edition Horizon Forbidden West Launch Date

The prequel of this new game saw massive popularity. According to the critics, the new game has successfully taken over the prequel. The thrilling story, familiar combats, and increased number of side quests give the players an authentic sense of exploration.

The only drawback of this game is its dull start due to its lengthy flashbacks and hard-core science fiction setups. However, we must wait for a little to learn about the actual reaction of the players as the game has just been launched; it will be a hasty move to judge it right away.


The Edition Horizon Forbidden West Launch has sparked up the interests and the expectation of the players long before its launch. Now we need to see if it has the potential to fulfill those expectations. You can have more info about Forbidden West here . Also, don’t forget to share your opinion of the game.

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