Edens Zero 160 Chapter (Sep) Know More About Story Here!

This article reveals the newest Edens Zero Chapter 160 introduction and about the Eden Zero Comic in brief.

Do you love reading comic books virtually? Well, if yes, you must have been across a Japanese comic named Edens Zero. This comic carries total of one hundred and sixty chapters, and the newest chapter was released today. 

So, comic readers are now curious to know what’s happening in the Edens Zero 160 Chapter across the United States and other countries. If you are new to this Edens Zero comic, we will talk briefly about it and the characters present, along with the happenings in chapter 160 in brief.

About Eden Zero Comic

Edens Zero is a comic based on a Japanese fantasy science Manga series illustrated and written by the Hero Mashima. The magazine of this comic was released in June 2018, and its chapters get collected into different numerical volumes for 2021 September. This comic is published virtually in six different languages. 

The latest release is Edens Zero 160 Chapter. The comic setting is done in a world that contains sentient robots, aliens and humans inhabit. Most of the elements in comics are futuristic, like locations and planets. 

Who Are The Main Character In Eden Zero?

The main character of this comic is Eden Zero, Demon King, Shiki Granbell, the four glittery stars of Demons King, Hermit Mio, Homura Kogetsu, and sister Ivry.

The newest chapter, 160, contains Seiji Hojo, who came from planet oedo and Homura in chapter one hundred and sixty.

Edens Zero 160 Chapter

This character is released today, on 22nd September 2021, and the scene takes place on ship Aoi sea. The chapter title name is Scattering in the Starry AOI sea. At first, the magazine displays about Seiji Hojo, who came from OEDO planet, is conversing with Miss Homura.

Miss Homura wonders that Seiji is from the Shogunate family, and she pardons bending down for her ignorance and terrible rude behavior towards him. Seiji states that they learned about Oedo planet, but he thinks the class system is pointless and outdated. This controversy is going on in Edens Zero 160 Chapter between both the character.

Seiji and Homura try to be friend with each other now. Seiji says that he wants to teach everything to Oedo people which he had learned in space. And this idea impresses Homura. Furthermore, he adds that all the old class systems and cultures will be reformed and broadened to the culture of Oedo.

And then Jesse appears with a gun and asks Seiji to get away from Homura. But he asks Jesse to put down the gun and says Homura is in their support. Further in the scene, there are blasts and commotions all around, which leads to Furena and Lizzare death.


The Edens Zero Chapter 160 is released today, and for now, we don’t have a lot of access to the matters and details of this new chapter. Due to this, the article talks in short about chapter 160 of this comic. However, we mentioned in short Eden Zero Comic and the names of its main characters too.

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