Economist Write for Us – Read And Follow Instructions!

Economist Write for Us is a comprehensive guide for writing economics guest post on Marifilmines Com.

Do you want to share your ideas and opinion on the present global economy? Are you a career economist, writer, or blogger interested in analyzing your country’s fiscal and monetary policy? Guest post on economics is giving experts and bloggers a unique opportunity to share their work with diverse audiences.

Marifilmines Com is inviting economists to join the guest post initiative and allow their post to be read by thousands of regular visitors. Economist Write for Us has all the details for writing the economics guest post.

Who are we?

Marifilmines Com has increased its footprint in the digital media industry at a rapid pace. Its top management and other team members have worked tirelessly to achieve its goal in the given time. Currently, it publishes articles regularly in three niches of its choice for its target audience. 

Product Analysis – This niche covers detailed reports on individual products purchased mainly by internet customers.

Website reviews – It contains legit details of the e-commerce platforms, and primarily online shoppers visit this section regularly.

News – International events that make headlines are covered under this category.

“Write For Us Economist Blog Guest Post:

The modern business system has become complex over the years, with different sectors playing their role in the economy. Economics is an excellent tool for understanding the mechanics of production, distribution, and consumption. The economic policy followed by each country shapes its economy and the livelihood of the people living in it.

Economists have a greater role in educating decision-makers and the masses to utilize the resource better to have a multiplier effect. Guest post on economics will allow experts from each level to share their knowledge, opinion, and ideas with the audience at the global level. They can write a targeted Write For Us + Economist Blog for their audience and help them understand various aspects of the problem and solutions.

Benefits of writing a guest post to the contributors:

  • Their post will get exposure at a global level, and their acceptance will open many other avenues for them.
  • They can add this work to their portfolio and use it to advance their careers.
  • Economics bloggers and writers can create goodwill for their work by writing an informative and relevant post.
  • Policymaker and public servant can share their vision for the region and present a case to their targeted audience.

Who can contribute to the Economist Blog “”Write For Us”” guest post?

  • Bloggers and writers on economics can write quality articles on the subject.
  • People working with banks and companies as economists can share their idea and knowledge with readers.
  • Public servants and policy maker of different regions can share their views and opinion on known subjects.
  • People working in economic magazines and papers can share their ideas with a global audience.

What type of content is accepted by Marifilmines Com?

    • The article that is researched well and adds value to the reader. 
    • Article that is informative and touches the economic aspect of the issue.
  • Avoid submitting an article that promotes any company or website for Write For Us + “”Economist Blog””” post.
  • Do not submit content that is already published in digital media.
  • High-quality content on economics that touches the current or future issue of company, country, or world.

Guidelines for writing economics guest post:

These guidelines should be followed by every writer interested in writing economist guest post.

  • The article should be free of grammatical errors, having a grammar score of 100.
  • Keep the article’s length between 1000 to 1200 words, as some editing work may be done later.
  • Articles explicitly written on economics topics will be accepted under this guest post.
  • Choose the relevant title for the Economist Write for Us guest post and avoid using meaningless one.
  • Most parts of the article should be in active voice while keeping the use of passive voice to a minimum.
  • Write SEO-friendly article that follows the guidelines mentioned by search engines.
  • Do not use copyright images for the content, as it may affect its ranking in SERP. 
  • Links used for making the content should not have a spam score of more than 2-3%.
  • External and internal links should be attached to the article before submission.

How to apply for an economics guest post?

An economics expert and writer interested in contributing to the economist guest post can contact us at


Economist Write for Us is an excellent opportunity for economics writers and bloggers to share their work with a diverse group of readers visiting our platform. Contributors with any query related to the guest blog can contact our team at the above given mail.

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