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Economicblue Reviews (Oct) Is This Authentic Or Scam?

Economicblue Online Website Reviews

The guide is for sharing Economicblue Reviews to help online consumers to make the right purchasing decisions.

Being economical is a good move. What if you want to be economical while shopping online? It is possible to be economical and save money by shopping online as an ecommerce website called claims to be the most economical store for household items and accessories. The website deals in a variety of household goods and items that are available at hard-to-believe rates. 

But, consumers in the United States are wondering and searching online to know if it is an economical store for online shopping or a new scam. So, they are browsing the internet to find out some unbiased Economicblue Reviews.

What is is the online store selling a variety of household products, gifts and accessories. The store claims to offer affordable products and pricing to the consumers. The store also offers Christmas sales with extra discounts. has the most extensive collection of products, including kitchen appliances and accessories, garden tools and more. It also claims to offer free shipping for all orders above $39. Products come with description that makes shopping easier. Besides, all products are categorized into different sections that help to navigate the product quickly. 

The hard to believe and unrealistic pricing of the products and other factors raise a question in the buyer’s mind. So, they want to know Is Economicblue Legit or a scam for before at the store.

Specifications of the Website

  • Website Link –
  • Product Category – Kitchen accessories and appliances, garden tools, accessories and home décor items
  • Email Support – [email protected]
  • Phone Support – Not Available 
  • Physical Address – Not Shared
  • Payment Modes – PayPal and all major credit card payments
  • Domain Age – One year 53 days (Created on 20th Aug 2020)
  • Shipping Details – All orders are processed within 48 hours of purchase. Free shipping for orders above $39, and it takes 12-20 days for delivery. Standard shipping is chargeable at $4.99, and it takes 12-20 days for delivery.
  • Return and Refund – As per the website and considering the Economicblue Reviews, orders are eligible for return and refund if the request is raised within 14 days of delivery. Upon successful inspection of the returned product, a refund is provided, and an email notification is sent to consumers. 
  • Owner Details – Not Found
  • Social Links – Facebook available, and others inactive on the website

Positive Pointers of Economicblue

  • Christmas sale available
  • Discounted rates for products
  • Product descriptions available
  • Return and refund applicable on orders
  • Free shipping on orders worth $39

Negative Pointers of Economicblue 

  • We found no details of owners 
  • Physically address and phone number missing
  • Delivery time is too long 
  • Standards delivery is chargeable 

Is Economicblue Legit or Scam?

It is the question that many shoppers in the United States have in their minds. The website lacks reviews, comments, and many other factors, and hence customers want to know if it is creditworthy to shop at the store or just attracting consumers to do scams with unrealistic pricing.

  • The website domain age is one year 53 days as it was created on 20th Aug 2020. Despite being a one-year-old website, it lacks online reviews and feedbacks. It creates doubts. 
  • The domain has the validity till 20th August 2022.
  • The trust rank of the website is 47.9/100 and trust index of the website is average, i.e. 60%. But it doesn’t confirm its legitimacy. The average trust score doesn’t confirm its legitimacy always. 
  • As mentioned, no Economicblue Reviews are found over the internet. We found a few comments on social media where people are inquiring about the products and not sharing any reviews or feedbacks. Besides, the reviews on the seller’s website are not considered for evaluating its legitimacy.
  • There is no physical address, phone number, or owner detail shared on the website. It further causes suspicion amongst buyers. 

So, these are the pointers that make the website questionable and demands further analysis and research. 

What do Users have to Say – Economicblue Reviews?

We found no reviews, comments and testimonials from consumers. So, you won’t find any reviews online other than a few fair reviews on the seller’s website. But, these reviews are not to be considered when it comes to evaluating the portal’s legitimacy. 

We urge consumers to research online for more details and unbiased reviews before shopping at the store. Besides, learning the tips to report Credit Card Scams would further help you prevent online scams.   

Conclusion may claim itself to be the most economical ecommerce store over the internet. Still, it lacks to meet the needs to be considered a creditworthy and reliable store for shopping. 

There are many aspects we have found that makes the website questionable at the moment. So, wait until any unbiased Economicblue Reviews are shared online to confirm its legitimacy. Till then, ensure to equip yourself with the guide on reporting PayPal Scams for Internet Fraud Prevention.

Have you ordered any products from Then, be the first to share reviews and feedbacks in the comment section. 


  1. is a SCAM! If you leave a bad review, as I have done, it is immediately removed. They are a front business, they fraudulently advertise products then take your money in a currency other than your own. You cannot get any help or support because stealing is their business plan. BEWARE!!!!! I have formally reported this vile group of asdholes to formal authorities

      1. Ordered products over a month ago. They immediately sent out e-mail saying they were in transit. Products have not been delivered. Credit card was charged.

        1. Hello Carol Comish, Did you try to connect with them again? If you did not receive any response, then try for a refund. Don’t wait, as it seems they will not deliver it. Please update the details. So, it will spread awareness and the other buyers can stay away. Be careful. Thanks. Take care.

  2. I ordered $60 worth of stuff for Christmas. The company took 2 months to get my stuff to me! Their merchandise is very, very cheap looking. Save your money people, don’t bother ordering through this company.

    1. Hello Jami, the Christmas is nearby, and still had not got the proper stuff for decoration. If possible, check for the return policy on the website. Thanks for the information. It will bring awareness among the buyers. Be alert and cautious.

  3. Oh I got my order, it was absolutely nothing like the picture on the video that was advertised. Do not spend your money on this crap. They do not respond to their emails and there are no phone number contacts. You just cannot reach anybody. Scam!

    1. Hello You just cannot reach anybody. Scam! This is the way, how scammers cheat with the buyers. The way they showcase their product and the actual one differs totally. The buyers invest with faith and finally gets disappointed. If no response, they are real scammers. Stay away from them. Take care.

  4. I am dealing with this company now. I bought Wine Bottle Stoppers. If you bought 5 you would get 3 free. After waiting a month, I received 5, but not the 3 free ones. I bought through PayPal and Paypal wants me to deal with them, so I started conversing through PayPal. They had a reason which made no sense why I only got 5 instead of 8. They offered me $10 credit. I said no, I’d rather return, they they offered $20 credit. I was going to accept, until I opened the package of one, and they are way to big to fit on a wine bottle. They literally fall off and cannot be used at all. So When I told them this, they said sorry are not happy with our credit offer. You can return them, but shipping is Approximately $20. So now I am stuck with these crappy stoppers, that are completely useless. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM. And PayPal is a disappointment. They offer no help.

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