Economical Demutualization Cheque (Jan 2022) All About It!

The guide shares details about the Economical Demutualization Cheque to update the eligible policyholders.  

When any mutual company converts into a share company, it is referred to as demutualization. Economical Mutual Insurance Company is now a share company after its demutualization has been completed on 23rd Nov 2021.

All the eligible policyholders will get the financial benefits post demutualization. After the initial public offering gets completed, the company will evaluate and distribute the financial benefits to the policyholders in the form of cash and cheque or Definity shares.     

The process already started and many people in Canada received the Economical Demutualization Cheque. Now they want to know if the cheque is legit or a scam.

What is the Demutualization Cheque?

Since the IPO of Economical Mutual Insurance Company is over and it completed the demutualization, the company has decided to distribute the financial benefits to all the eligible policyholders. 

The company is authorized to calculate the benefits and distribute the financial benefits to all policyholders that are eligible. The financial benefits are shared amongst the policyholders in Canada.

The financial benefits will be shared amongst the policyholders via Definity Shares or cash and cheque. The process of distributing the benefits will take several weeks, but it aims to end before 2021.      

Who are Eligible for the Economical Demutualization Cheque?

The eligibility for the financial benefit cheque depends on the policies you hold from Economical Mutual Insurance Company. There are two different types of eligible candidates.

  • Eligible Mutual Policyholders – It is the policyholder who holds mutual insurance policy of Economical Muttra Insurance Company since 3rd Nov 2015. 
  • Eligible non-Eligible Policyholder – It is the policyholder that holds the non-eligible policy of the company and has completed 12-month period ending on 3rd Nov 2015 or fulfills the special requirements to receive the Economical Demutualization Cheque.        

In 2016, the company issued letters to all eligible policyholders, describing about the demutualization process and updating the list of eligible and non-eligible policyholders. In 2021, the company also sent letter to eligible policyholders with information circular and the proxy form to vote at the special meet conducted.

How People are Reacting?

All eligible policyholders received the demutualization benefits payments via cheque. Economical Insurance is in the process of sending cheques, either physically or via email. 

People who received the Economical Demutualization Cheque are inquiring on discussion forum. They are amazed to see a cheque of such an amount which they were not expecting. 

They were commenting and discussing on Discussion Forum about the legitimacy of the cheque. Many people even confirmed that the cheque is from a legit source and it is not a scam. The cheque is against the financial benefits from demutualization of Economical Mutual Insurance Company. So, it is not a scam as only the eligible policyholders received the cheque.


Economical Mutual Insurance Company has announced its demutualization in Nov 2021 and now it has turned into a share company from Mutual Insurance Company. All the financial benefits are distributed equally to all eligible policyholders via Economical Demutualization Cheque or Definity Shares.         

Anyone who received the benefit payment cheque must not surprise as it from the company to share the demutualization benefits with the eligible policyholders.

Did you receive the financial benefit cheque? Please share your experiences in the comments section. 

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  1. I have received a cheque with reference to Holder Account Number C0002451255. I am having trouble reconciling this with my investments/holdings. Could you provide me with details of this account.


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