Easytatt Reviews (Feb 2022) Is This Genuine Or A Scam?

Do you love to get a tattoo? We suggest you once go through our Easytatt Reviews, which will clear your doubts and guide you accordingly.

Hey, folks, so do you like to get tattoos? If yes, there is a website that offers tattoo-related products. They offer temporary tattoos, tattoo kits, tattoo packs, etc. This website is known by the name Easytatt. People in Australia have also taken a keen interest in this website.

So, next, we will provide you with the complete details involving this website. A website should have some basic legitimacy checkpoints, and we will go through those to know about the site’s validity. So, if you would like to know about those, kindly check our Easytatt Reviews.

Briefing Easytatt

Easytatt is an ecommerce site that only deals in tattoo related products. It generally offers tattoo kits, temporary tattoos, custom tattoos, semi-permanent tattoos, tattoo packs, etc. This company says that artists run their company. They have a whole team of tattoo artists who are passionate about tattoos, and through their authentic work, they help people express themselves in a better way.

So, guys, if you are slowly gaining interest in today’s topic, keep on reading because we have more to discuss. Next, we will talk about the specification regarding this website so that you can know whether Is Easytatt Legit?

Specifications or Particulars of Easytatt

  • Domain Establishment Date- As this website’s creation date is unavailable, it was last updated on 2020/05/22.
  • Product Offered- Tatoo kits, semi-permanent tattoos, temporary tattoos, etc.
  • Social Availability- Available on different social media platforms.
  • Payment Forms- This website accepts different forms like Amex, Apple Pay, Google Pay, MasterCard, PayPal, Sop Pay, Visa, etc.
  • Website Link- https://www.easytatt.com.au/
  • Shipping Information-Standard shipping takes 4-7 days, Express shipping takes 1-4 days, and Free shipping takes 3-7 days.
  • Return Policy- Return Policy lasts for 30 days.
  • Email Address- check hello@easytatt.com via Easytatt Reviews.
  • Contact Address- 93 George Street Norwood South Australia AU 5067
  • Exchange Policy-
  • Contact Number – check 0420 444 949
  • Newsletter- available on the website

Now, we will check the positive and negative sides of the Easytatt website in the upcoming sections.

Positive Points of Easytatt

  • The website is available on a few social platforms.
  • Customers’ feedback is available.
  • The domain is protected by HTTPS protocol.
  • The website has popularity.
  • Team details are provided on the website.

Negative Points of Easytatt

  • Trust score is not standard.
  • Physical Address is not provided.

Is Easytatt Legit Or Fake Website?

Every legit website should possess certain qualities, which can be proved by checking their legitimacy factors. So, now we will know if this website is trustworthy by judging through those specific points, as mentioned below:

  • Trust Score- They have scored a 60% of the trust score.
  • Alexa Rank- They have scored a rank of 1,437,674.
  • Domain Formation- Only update date is available, which was 2020/05/22
  • Expiry Date- not found.
  • Trust Rank- Trust Rank is 100%, making it safe and secure.
  • Discounts- no discounts available.
  • Customer Reviews- Easytatt Reviews were found on the social media and the website itself.
  • Social Presence- They are socially active on the various platforms.

Customers’ Feedback

To judge any website’s validity, it is very important we know if the particular website has reviews or not as they are important criterion in judging the legitimacy.

So, we have found reviews on the Facebook page with 4.8 rating and mixed reviews. But mostly, they are positive. And there are reviews in other places as well, such as customer feedback is available on their website, which you can go through.

Guys, would you like to know some tips on getting a refund via PayPal? Then we suggest you check here in our Easytatt Reviews.

And readers, if you have any dilemma or suggestions about this website, please feel free to update to us anytime, through the comments box below.

The Final Conclusion

In the end, this website is socially active on Facebook and Instagram with strong followers. But the website link provided on Facebook is different from the main link, but still, it redirects you to the given website.

And the essential factor here is that this website has mixed customers’ Easytatt Reviews on Facebook with a good rating. So, all the positive reviews indicate that this website appears to be legit. But we will suggest you do your research before investing and putting your money into it. So, guys, if you are facing a problem getting a refund via credit card, do check here.

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