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East NBA Wordle has tried to find why East NBA became one of the top trending words and enumerated its finding in this article.

Do you like playing different versions of puzzles? Digital Puzzle games of different domains have flooded the word game market after the success of Wordle. Some Wordle clones succeeded in attracting players to their platform, while others failed to make a place for themselves.

Word game players in Canada and the United States are searching for East NBA terms on search engines. This article tried to find the reason behind high traffic on search term East NBA for player’s convenience. To know more about this story, keep reading East NBA Wordle till the end.

Is the East NBA a Word Game?

During our research for the search term East NBA, we found that there is one puzzle game based on NBA players. The name of that word is Poeltl, and it has become quite popular among players in Australia and the United Kingdom.

On further research, it came to our notice that players of Poeltl were trying to solve puzzle number 52, released on 17th April 2022. This game requires gamers to find a mystery NBA player from a pool of current stars. Therefore East NBA is not a word game, but it is related to the Poeltl game solution.

East NBA Game, Poeltl:

Poeltl is a word game-related NBA player, and it became popular within a few weeks of its launch. It has done exceptionally well in countries where basketball is popular. There are around 38,000 daily unique visitors on its platform.

  • Some features of Poeltl Game.
  • In eight attempts, gamers are expected to find current NBA players.
  • On guessing a current player’s name, his data will be shown.
  • Some of the attributes of the guessed player will match with an answer for the day.
  • Green in any column will indicate the match, while yellow in the different columns indicates a partial match.

East NBA Wordle:

The NBA league is divided into two conferences, east consisting of Atlantic, Central, and Southeast. The West Conference consists of Northwest, Pacific, and Southwest; these conferences are one of the attributes of players to reach the solution for the day.

Some of the attributes of players for finding the solution are team, height, conference, division, position, age, and number. The current player for puzzle no 52 belongs to the eastern conference and is from the Atlanta Hawks team. 

Many players searching for the solution try to use a different attribute combination to reach the solution. East NBA Game is also a similar search word used to get the answer for 17th April Poeltl.

How to play the Poeltl Game?

  • Go to the official website of the Poeltl game 
  • Place the name of one of the current NBA players.
  • The Green column indicates that players for today’s solution have a similar attribute.
  • Yellow will indicate a partial match, and players are expected to move in that direction.
  • Keep guessing till you find the solution for the day.

Final verdict:

Jalen Johnson is the solution for 17th April Poeltl, and he belongs to the east conference. Therefore it is clear that East NBA Wordle is no other game, and Poeltl players used this keyword to find the solution for puzzle no 52. 

NBA word puzzle players can share their views on the game in the comment section below.

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