Earth Science 2022 Regents {June 2022} Complete Insight!

In this post, we covered topics such as schedule, grading curves, and more things regarding Earth Science 2022 Regents.

What is the Earth Science Regents exam? What is the schedule of the Earth Science exam?Earth Science Regent is a test carried out in the United States to test the laboratory and learning skills of the students. It is the exam required for admission to graduate in New York.

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Earth Science Exam Schedule

Earth Science Exam is the exam conducted to test the school and the practical knowledge of the student. Recently its schedule was announced. The nine-day exam starts on Wednesday 15th June with English language and arts. We have two exams on 15th, 16th, and 17th June, then we have a three-day holiday and then a single test on 21,22 and 23rd June.

What is the Grading System of Earth Science Exam?

According to most experts, a generous grading Earth Science Regents Curve 2022 has made passing much easier. Due to this grading curve, students got passing marks in three important subjects of the Regents exam just by answering just one-third of the question paper accurately.

Some of the teachers have shown their discomfort against it, Michael Binkowski, an experienced teacher from Cheektowaga High School, has called this grading system “a scam” it is like you are passing the exam just by participation, he added.

How to prepare for Earth Science Regents Exam?

Earth Science consists of two important components: a laboratory and a theoretical test. This prepares for Earth Science 2022 Regents very important.

Steps for the preparation are:

  1. Study important topics: To pass the Earth Science Regents, you must cover important topics such as mapping, earth history, and many more.
  2. Frequent test: Testing yourself and your capabilities is one of the key aspects of cracking any competitive exams. Giving tests not only increases your confidence but also makes you familiar with the mistakes on which you need to work.
  3. Refer more notes: Try to study the concepts in detail. And try to get the most accurate answer to a particular question.

Format of the Earth Science 2022 Regents

As mentioned earlier, the Earth Science Exam consists of two crucial components:

Laboratory and Written test.

The lab performance contributes about 15% to 20% of your exam. It’s taken at the school on the dates decided by your school. Talking about the written exam than the exam is three hours long with four parts. And do not forget to carry the calculator to your exam because you will need them.


In this blog, we explained to our readers the schedule, the grading curve, the format, and the steps to prepare for the Earth Science 2022 Regents exam.

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