Dx Fair Mall Reviews (March 2022) Is This Genuine Or Scam?

This post talks about Dx Fair Mall Reviews to check the authenticity of the ecommerce website.

Who wouldn’t like to purchase products at cost-effective prices? From household items to electronics to everything available in a mall is now possible to be purchased online. 

Numerous websites on the internet claim to offer products and services at discounted rates. However, it is imperative to know if it is legit or not. 

DX Fair Mall is one such website available in the United States that claims to offer a wide range of products at affordable rates. Thus, we bring you a detailed insight with our Dx Fair Mall Reviews to know if the website is authentic or not. Read ahead to learn more.

What is Dx Fair Mall?

DX Fair Mall is an online ecommerce website in the United States. Herein you can shop for different categories like video games, electronics, clothing, baby products, as well as gift items for special occasions. The website was created recently on 01 July 2021.

In addition, you can also find other items listed under different categories, such as frozen meals, plant-based diets, and kitchen products, at discounted rates. However, with numerous websites offering items at cost-effective prices, it is imperative to know Is Dx Fair Mall Legit or not. Read the below sections to know more.

Specifications of Dx Fair Mall

  • Website link – https://www.dxfairmall.com
  • Products offered – Clothing, baby products, electronics, video games, kitchen tools, meals, frozen food, gifts, plant-based diet, etc.
  • Contact number – 720-891-3322
  • Email Id – sales@dxfairmall.com 
  • Availability of Newsletter – NA
  • Contact Address – 1820 Leo Street, Denver, CO 80203
  • Returns Policy – 30-Day Return Policy
  • Social media presence – not available
  • Mode of Payment – Not Available
  • Standard Shipping – 3-5 working days
  • Expedited Shipping – 1-2 working days

Thus, we recommend readers to look at the below sections and read Dx Fair Mall Reviews to know in detail about the website and place their orders accordingly.

Pros of Shopping from Dx Fair Mall

  • The website has a secured HTTPS connection
  • A wide range of products across different categories are provided at discounted prices
  • The website has a simple interface
  • The process is cheap and discounted
  • All the contact details are mentioned.

Cons of Dx Fair Mall

  • The website has mixed customer reviews on it.
  • The links are broken for a few products and information
  • There are no social media links available on the page

Is Dx Fair Mall Legit?

Many websites across the internet provide the same products; it is important to check if the website is legit or a fake one. Thus, we present you with detailed insight to clarify the website’s legitimacy by enlisting the varied parameters as below:

  • Trust Score – The website has a very low trust score of 1%
  • Domain Age – The domain age was recently created on 01 July 2021 and will expire on 01 July 2022.
  • Quality of content – the information available on the website is not accurate
  • Social Media Links – The website does not have any social media links
  • Customer review – Dx Fair Mall Reviews from customers are mixed in nature
  • Trust Rank – The ecommerce site has an average trust score of 1.2/100

Customer Feedback on Dx Fair Mall

The website includes mixed customer reviews. While a certain customer has mentioned being very happy with the dress she brought for her granddaughter and stated it has a very nice fitting. At the same time, another customer has reviewed disappointment with what she received. Besides, there are no other customer reviews available anywhere on the internet to check the website’s authenticity.

Moreover, there is no medium to check the authenticity of Dx Fair Mall Reviews on the website. Hence, we recommend users conduct a detailed check before purchasing from the website.

Have you ever fallen prey to a credit card scam? Check the best tips to get a refund on credit cards here.

The Final Thoughts

Based on the information available and the points discussed above, we recommend users conduct a quick check from the individual end. With the domain being created recently, it is yet to be determined if the website offering the frozen meals or food is legit or fake.

Thus, the website’s legitimacy based on Dx Fair Mall Reviews is completely questionable in the absence of the customer reviews on the internet. We recommend detailed research from the individual end before making a purchase. If you have been scammed on PayPal scam, read here to know ways for getting a refund.

What is your opinion about the website? Please share your feedback in the comments section below.

36 thoughts on “Dx Fair Mall Reviews (March 2022) Is This Genuine Or Scam?”

  1. They are a big scam. If you place an order, your credit card gets declined every time, no matter how many you try to use. Other reviews I’ve read said the same, only they had fraudulent charges on theirs a few days later. Thank goodness I caught mine in time. I was told by their email the cards were declined due to cards weren’t trust worthiness. What a scam, they just want your information to sell or use for their selves. Do not trust them. Don’t use their site ever.

  2. DX Fair Mall is a phishing scam to collect your credit card details. The website reports your credit card was declined, and then advises you to try a different credit card. This will continue endlessly as long as you keep feeding the website your credit card details. Later the charges will start showing up on your credit card(s) from numerous merchants. Congrats, you identity has been stolen because you gave up you credit card details. If you enter your credit card details, immediately call your credit card, report it stolen, and get a new card. Don’t check your credit card activity, find nothing and assume all is well. It is not well. The charges will be coming in later. As for your order which you could never buy because all cards are report declined, well you will get an email inviting you to complete your order – aka give them another credit card number which will be reported declined and the scam continues.

      • Your Comment’s Were SPOT ON!! I Tried To Purchase Stetson Deodorant From DXFAIRMALL.COM At $4.15 Per Stick. My Credit Card Was Declined. So I Entered It Again This Time With My Middle Initial Included, Still Declined. I Entered a SECOND CREDIT CARD, DECLINED, Same Result. I Checked Both Credit Card Accounts And NO CHARGES Showed Up From DXFAIRMALL.COM. One Week Later I Get A Fraud Activity Call From One Of The Credit Cards That I Had Used. There Were 2 Suspect Charges, One In Arizona At A Hardware Store And The Other In Delaware. I Was Told By My Credit Card Company That The Physical Card Was Used!! This All Happened Within 6 DAYS. No FRAUD CHARGE ACTIVITY Was Found On My Second Card. Both Cards Are Being Replaced With New Cards/Numbers. This Website Had A Secure Lock In The Address Line. Physical Address Was In DENVER. Phone Number Was INVALID. STAY SMART And STAY SAFE!!

        • I had my doubts with price too good to be true and the fact that they only offered payment in Bitcoin or credit card. They also have been emailing me to buy. I am glad I checked. Thank you.

  3. I am a victim to 100% agree with everyone here, purchased a few $49.99 gift certificates from Apple with my card, some online crypto? Apparently rented a steam machine? $400 & $600 with another card I had charges from sentiments in Kentucky , a protection plan assuming from rental company? with name dexter Hooke

  4. They are a seller on Walmart’s marketplace!!! Doesn’t Walmart make sure sellers are legit before letting them list products on their website. No good!

    • Hello Jake The Joker, Please check for this portal. The buyers are having negative reviews. Go thoroughly with the information provided and then proceed. It is better to buy from the genuine portal. Thanks for the information. Take care.

  5. They need to be caught and shut down. I reported them to ftc.gov to be investigated. They try to copy walmarts website. I hope they get what they deserve!

    • Hello J.How, Yes, you did it right and filed the complaint. They must be caught and proper actions to be taken. The buyers will get justice and save their money in the future. Hope everything will be on the right track. Take care

  6. They are cons big time not to mention their phone numbers are either disconnected or no longer in service. They won’t call you back only communicate through email.

  7. They’ve been reported to ftc.gov. Hopefully they will be caught and shut down. Also the ceo at Walmart has been informed about them. Its a shame that there are people like that.

  8. Shame on me, I realized i had made a mistake when they declined my debit card, then they asked for a different form of payment, i inputted my bank info (rarely do i use this card for unknown sites, it showed a https so i thought it was good)…About a month later unauthorized charges on my bank card for $272, this is a first & last time this will happen, now i have alerts., charges were reimbursed.

    • Hello Patty B, Thanks for the information. The scammers use different tricks and they trap the buyers. Nowadays the people are facing many issues, and later they come to know about it. You have mentioned about the incident. This will help all the buyers to be aware. But it is good your money got reimbursed. Stay aware and alert. Thank you.

  9. I was suspicious of DX Fair Mall when they said they had a product which Walmart reported out-of-stock. I used a MasterCard that I seldom use. It was declined numerous times. Citi said they had not declined any charges when I called them. The website design appears very similar to Walmart’s.

    Does anyone have evidence that DX Fair Mall produces unauthorized charges to credit cards?

    • Yes, they say the cards are not trustworthy. They said the cards are declined by merchant gateway. I emailed them, was told they didn’t know why they were declined. They steal your credit card info. Then later you’ll have fradulant charges on them. Hope this helps.

  10. Ha, I tried three different credit cards before I woke up something was amiss. Read some reviews thank god. Canceled all cards. Cant believed Walmart is associated with them. Wow

  11. BEWARE, they changed their website to dxoffersmall. Doing the same scamming, getting your info. Then fradulant charges appear on your cards. Need to be reported again to ftc.gov. Hope they get caught.

    • Hello G. Lab, Thanks for the update. It’s horrifying. The way of scamming made buyers stay away from such online portals. You said it right, please file the complaint against them. They must be caught and proper action must be taken to avoid such incidents. Please post information if you get any about this portal. Take care. Be cautious. Thanks.

  12. Just for the heck of it, I used cards that I no longer own. Put the right number, but wrong info. Same thing, declined by merchants gateway. They use vote websites dxfairmall and dxoffersmall,same thing. Want you to think it’s different. Dont know why they haven’t been caught yet. Just want everyone to be careful of these crooks.

    • Hello G H, Thanks for the bundle of information. You said it right, the scammers are handling sites with a different name and no one will know about it. So, buyers, it’s a humble request to check any portal details twice and go ahead. Corrective actions must be taken on priority. Be aware and alert. Take care. Thanks.

  13. Really now! What makes you think that walmart or any other company in the world gives a damn about scammer/phishing/fraudulent scum on their website?????

    • Hi, Thanks for letting us know about your views and suggest that you thoroughly check the website before making any purchase. Many online stores claim to sell items on false information. So, it’s better to remain to vary or do some research. Stay safe!

  14. I decided to get a rechargeable debit card to make a purchase on their website since I did not trust them. I only put a few bucks on the card to cover the purchases I tried placing the order at this DX site and it did not go through. So I decided to do some research, and I found y’all. I’m glad I was skeptical

    • Hello Claudia, feels bad to hear such scam incidents. But it’s the fact and they are taking place on a large scale. No one would ever go to this portal. At last you will be disappointed. Thanks for the detailed information. Buyers be careful and stay away.

  15. Same happened to me last night with declined card. Thank you for all these reports of stolen cards used for fraudulent charges.
    I canceled all my cards before any charges happened.

  16. Do not purchase anything from this website – IT IS A SCAM! When you enter your credit card or debit card info it declines no mater what card you use. I tried to order something from this site on 6/1 by 6/13 they were using my bank card to purchase many things with my card and withdraw money. However, they did not get anything due to the alerts on my card. My bank declined 26 attempts to purchase items. I only had two purchases that went thru and I have a claim out with my bank. All the charges were made from 1:30 am to about 3:30 am in the morning.


  17. I tried to order from this website and my card was declined twice. 3 days later, my card was compromised with 28 fraudulent transactions. I’ve reported them to my bank. They had all of my debit card info. Complete scam. BEWARE!!


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