DWP Underpayment Universal Credit {June} Discover Issue!

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This article describes the payment error from a prominent British government department paying incorrect funds. Read on DWP Underpayment Universal Credit.

Are you aware of the recent payment related issues associated with a British government department? Do you want to know about the issues caused by this error from the government side? Read till the end to have a complete insight on this topic.

People from the United Kingdom and St. Helena have created a mixed reaction from the payment receivers. Most of the DWP Underpayment Universal Credit affected the payment receivers worst. So, let’s look at the current issue’s seriousness.

About DWP Payment Error

An error occurred during the transfer of DWP Payments, leading to overpayments and funds underpayments. The underpaid amount is estimated to be £ 2.6billion, equivalent to 1.2 per cent of the fund.

Apart from the underpayment, the overpayment also crossed the highest rate. The overpayment is estimated to be £8.6billion. Thousands of people suffered from the underpayment, while thousands of others benefited from the overpayment. Government officials are working to tackle the issue. 

DWP Underpayment Universal Credit

  • The universal credit issue has created thousands of underpayers and payers, creating chaos among the fund receivers.
  • The overpayment and underpayment issues are normal during the payment time, but there was a huge error in the amount paid.
  • The underpaid persons can contact the DWP officials and report the issue using the helpline number 0800 328 5644 or the official DWP online feedback system.
  • The DWP will recover the overpaid person’s benefits.
  • People with overpaid Universal Credit will be deducted from their future payments. The deduction amount varies with the amount received.

Underpaid and Overpaid Benefits

  • As per DWP Underpayment Universal Credit, £5.9billion funds got overpaid during the recent period while £410million got underpaid.
  • The state pensioner’s fund got underpaid by £540million and overpaid by £110million.
  • Housing Benefit funds got overpaid by £950million and underpaid by £210million.
  • Pension Credit funds got overpaid by £350million and underpaid by £100million.

What Happens to Underpaid Person?

  • DWP spots the issue and initiates payments for the owed amount.
  • Persons not contacted by DWP for payment correction need to contact DWP officials for clarification.
  • Underpaid people can utilize the mobile helpline number or DWP online system to report their DWP Underpayment Universal Credit problems.
  • Incorrect pension amount receivers must contact DWP’s Pensions Service arm directly.
  • Additional helpline number 0800 731 0469 need to be considered.

What Happens to Overpaid Person?

  • DWP takes steps to recover the overpaid amount from the person.
  • Persons with extra Universal Credit get deductions on future payments.
  • The deduction of payments ranges from 15% to 25% monthly, according to the credited sum.


The underpayment and overpayment issue caused by the error from the DWP is being looked into seriously, and official steps are to be taken to resolve the issue. To know more about the issue, please visit here. 

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