Dusty Hill Net Worth 2021 (July) Get Reliable Details!

Dusty Hill Net Worth 2021 (July) Get Reliable Details! >> Know in detail about a legendary rock musician who recently left the world, leaving behind his legacy.

Are you a lover of rock music? If your answer is yes, then you must be acquainted with the name of Dusty Hill, a famous rock musician of the United States. When the whole music industry and all the fans are immersed in the loss of this popular musician, the internet search about Dusty Hill Net Worth 2021 has increased noticeably.

Who is Dusty Hill?

The Birth Name of Dusty Hill is Joseph Michael Hill. But he is popularly known by his stage name, ‘The Dust’ or ‘Duster’. He was born on 19th May 1949 in Dallas, Texas. His parents were Earnest Hill and Myrl Hill. He was brought up together with his brother Rocky Hill.

Both of the brothers attended Woodrow Wilson High School at the Lakewood Neighbourhood of East Dallas. Both were inclined towards music from their school life. After school, they both started playing in local Dallas bands together. Till their relocation to Houston, the brothers worked together.

Dusty Hill Net Worth 2021 is the reflection of his hard work and talent. After securing his career, Dusty got married to the actress Charleen McCrory. This ardent fan of Elvis passed away at the age of 72 in his sleep on 28th July 2021 in his own house in Houston, Texas.

He was suffering from a hip issue before his death, because of which he was unable to make a few recent tour appearances. But there is no information about this particular health problem being connected to his death.

Career Details

Dusty has lived a golden career. The success of his career can be seen in Dusty Hill Net Worth 2021. Hill’s genre was purely rock music, and he explored different rock styles like Hard Rock, Blues Rock, etc. Hill was an all-rounder performer. He was a bassist, songwriter, and singer at the same time.

During their time in local bands, the Hill brothers were joined by Frank Beard. In 1968 the trio moved to Houston, and then the Hill brothers got separated due to their selection of different music styles. Dusty and Frank, along with Billy Gibbons, established the ZZ Top Rock Band.

After this, the band and Dusty rose to fame together, and he remained a part of this band till his death. He was included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004.

Dusty Hill Net Worth 2021

Since Dusty Hill has been working hard till the last day of his life, his net worth is more impressive than you can imagine. Before his death on 28th July 2021, Joseph Michael “Dusty” Hill was worth $60 million.

This is purely the result of his hard work and dedication, which made him a popular face in the world of Rock Music. Take a look here to have some more details about Dusty Hill 


Whoever is acquainted with Dusty Hill can easily understand his value in the rock music industry. According to the information obtained through the research about Dusty Hill Net Worth 2021, it is revealed that his bandmates and fans are deeply saddened by his death. Nothing can compensate for this loss of the music industry.

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