Duotrigordle Wordle {April} Full Game Rules Explained!

The article contains complete information about the new puzzle game for the players who are more fascinated with wordles can try Duotrigordle Wordle.

Do you love to solve wordles? Are you playing puzzle games daily? Did you try different kinds of puzzles? Do you search for puzzles that have more words to guess? If not, go through this article to find the puzzles with 32 words to guess.

The game is trending and moving Worldwide. The Duotrigordle is a challenging puzzle based on words developed based on wordle.

More details regarding the new puzzle game Duotrigordle Wordle are provided below.

What do you mean by Duotrigordle?

The game is similar to the wordle puzzle, and it is a brainstorming activity. It is updated every thirteen hours on the device. It is a little different in the timeframe compared with another wordle. So that the player can play twice a day, the player cannot proceed further if the number of attempts is finished. Initially, it had Forty attempts, and now it is reduced to thirty-seven. The game is a new version of the wordle developed based on the Octordle and Hexadecordle and a few more.

How to play the Duotrigordle Game?

Below provided are a few hints that are helpful to play the game.

  • Open the official website.
  • The player enters the letter that is guessed. Then automatically, the guessed letter is filled in the row for the remaining three words.
  • The colour of the titles is noted to proceed further in the game.
  • The colour green implies the found letter is proper in the right place.
  • Yellow implies the letter is proper but in the wrong place.
  • The uncoloured box represents that the letter is not present in that word.
  • In Duotrigordle Wordle, the same process is followed to guess all the 32 words by following the colour patterns.

Here the player concentrates and types a single letter to find one word each time. But the colour is displayed for all the words in the entire grid. The player in this game has to find the thirty-two words. The players have to guess the words in provided limited attempts by focusing on the colour of the tiles. The players can practice the game in trial mode before starting the official one.

Who founded the game Duotrigordle Wordle?

The game was developed by Bryan Chen, who studied computer science at the university named Waterloo. He thought to make players happy and found this game. He is fond of creating projects. The game is a combination of different puzzle games played using words. In his Ko-Fi account, he asked his fans to finance his activity to create it better.


As per findings, it is a different type of wordle game that players solve. The new puzzle is launched twice a day. If the first one is generated around midnight, the next puzzle is obtained at noon.

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Get the details regarding the Duotrigordle Wordle by playing the game online on its official website.   

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