Droll Wordle {April} Is It Hint Or Answer For Puzzle!

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Read the complete article to get your answers for Droll Wordle and other answers to the Quordle 92.

There is no need to explain the Wordle game. It has been spreading like a flame all over the world. People tend to wake up in the morning and try their daily challenges on Wordle. Have you tried playing it? It has millions of users from countries like Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and  India, etc.

Let us talk about Droll Wordle. Is it a hint to your game? Follow this article till the end to get your answers. 

Is Droll a hint? 

The hint of the first word states that the first letter is D, and the last word is L. Also, it contains one vowel; hence the answer is ‘Droll.’ Similarly, the rest answers are as follows;

  • Rocky
  • Amiss
  • Spice

Looking forward to all the hints, these are the answers to the Quordle 92. Was it helpful to you? If you are stuck with daily challenges, we can help you with the hints and answers to the daily challenges. In this way, you can win daily challenges similarly. We hope that the Droll Game Wordle answer is helpful to you. 

Quordle game

Josh Wardle developed this game in 2021; it has been world popular since then. Now it is under the name of The New York Times Company. The basic criteria of this game is a daily challenge about guessing words. 

Right from the beginning, there are multiple versions of this game, such as Quordle, Canuckle, Hurdle, etc. This article will find the hints to the latest Quordle game, which is about guessing four words altogether. The Droll Wordle leads to the hint of the latest puzzle. 

Today’s Quordle Puzzle

In the recent puzzle, the following are the hints for the four words;

For word one, 

  • The initial of the first word is ‘D.’
  • There is one vowel 
  • It has an odd quality or a whimsical

For word two, 

  • The initial of the word is ‘R.’
  • There is one vowel in
  • It is a popular Sylvester Stallone film. 

 For word three, 

  • The initial of the word is ‘A.’
  • There are two vowels
  • Something that is out of place

For word four, 

  • Initial is the letter ‘S.’
  • There are two vowels.
  • Something too hot

Steps to play Droll Wordle Game

It is as basic as the original; follow these simple steps below;

  1. Go to the Quordle website and guess four 5 letter words in 9 guesses.
  2. Once you start guessing, the blocks turn green, yellow or grey. Green means that the guessed letter is correct, yellow means that guessed letter is right but in the wrong spot, while grey means that the letter doesn’t exist in the word. 
  3. Use the above things to guess all 4 words and win the challenge. 


In this article, Droll Wordle is the first word of the Quordle 92, and the rest three answers are given in the article. In such a way, if you are stuck with your daily challenges, you can win them easily using these hints. Try using these hints and play the game. We have all the answers now. Have you tried the Quordle game? Click on this link and play. 

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