Drivetexas. com (March 2022) Check An Update Here!

The post talks about Drivetexas. com and elaborate on the website and the other related aspects.

Driving safely is necessary for individual safety and for people who move on the road. Besides, understanding the condition of road traffic can play an important role in ensuring you reach a place in time in the United States. In addition, it can help in planning your travel and assist in understanding what the weather in the region is.

In this article, we will be discussing Drivetexas. com. However, the website showcased 403 forbidden error messages and directed them to Thus, we will be reviewing, which is the original site, where you can check the conditions of roads.

What is The Website About?

As mentioned, we all will need accurate information about the weather condition and roads during travel. It would help us plan our commute and reach a place as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, while many websites provide information about traffic and weather, few are launched by the United States government to help drivers understand highway conditions while driving.

In the coming sections, we will be elaborating more on instead of Drivetexas. com.

What is

Drive Texas is an online application that the Texas Department of Transportation released, also known as TxDOT, in 2012. The application assisted drivers in planning their travel as per real-time data and updates about the road condition, traffic in the region, and weather.

What are The Advantages of The Application?

The application enabled users to map their travel routes and strategize their locations by viewing the conditions. Furthermore, the information includes:

  • If there is any construction work
  • If there are closures or any accidents.

Why is Drivetexas. com in The News?

It has to be noted that the is not available and showcasing 403 Forbidden error. However, users are directed to another site which is Besides, the website that is useful for drivers to understand the condition of roads to plan safe travel is

As per sources, the turnpike lanes and highways in Oklahoma were cleared on Wednesday, 23 February 2022. However, there are numerous sites listed for drivers to check the condition of the roads to avoid delays and ensure safe travel.

In (instead of Drivetexas. com), users can either enter their current location or click on the default map to view the current traffic conditions. Apart from the website version, it is also available in the mobile version to locate places accurately.

Final Conclusion

As per sources, the division director of TxDOT’s travel information division, Margot Richards, reasoned the app to be useful for people to check the traffic and condition of the road before their trip and during the journey. Besides, the main aim of the online application is to make travel safe for people.

It is to be noted that Drivetexas. com is not the actual site though it has searchability with the keyword, but

Have you tried the online application? Then, please share your views and feedback with us in the comments section below.

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