Dreka Gates Pregnant {June} Read About Her Life Here!

Dreka Gates looked like she had put on weight, not like she was pregnant. Even though Dreka Gates Pregnant, there is talk that she and Kevin are splitting up.

Do you know Dreka? Dreka Gates is a popular internet star and a famous actress. She is also called Kevin Gates’s wife. Her life, both in her career and personal life, is something to drool over. But because they work in the media in the United States, they get a lot of love. But, everyone can direct and judge every part of their lives. It makes people think that Dreka Gates Pregnant.

Is Dreka Pregnant?

Kevin and Dreka got married on 17th October 2015. Until the news came out in 2019, they had two children together. So it would make the Kevin family of five.

One post about Dreka showed a picture of Gates with what looked like a baby or pregnant bump. As soon as the post went live on the internet, people started wishing them well on their new journey of being pregnant together.

The bad news is that they were not going to have a baby together. The picture was also misinterpreted by the general media.

What can we expect from rumours that Dreka Gates is pregnant?

As per Dreka Gates Personal Trainer, seeing how happy their kids make them, it is only a concern of time before we hear that they are expecting their third child 

But now, it looks like the two are busy building their empires. Kevin is a well-known rapper on his own, and Dreka is a charming woman who plays a mother, actress, social media star and businesswoman, among other roles.

What did Dreka and Kevin say about the Dreka Gates Pregnant rumor?

“She drank so much water that her stomach stuck out,”

When asked if his wife, Dreka, was pregnant, Kevin told. In an interview with Complex, Kevin ended all of the rumours and said that Dreka “doesn’t have a baby in her.”

Dreka & Kevin on Instagram

The mother of two has 2.3+ million followers on Instagram, and she always posts pictures of her children.

More Details

Kevin and Dreka got married in 2015, and Dreka Gates’s Personal Trainer says they are both Muslims. Kevin and his wife, Dreka, have been married for almost seven years, but there are new rumours that they will split up.

As per Dreka Gates Pregnant, Kevin was recently seen in New York with Dreka’s Personal Trainer, and Jojo Zarur, a famous entrepreneur, stylist, and former Love & Hip Hop: Miami cast member. Since then, the rumour mill hasn’t stopped turning. In 2021, there was a lot of talk about Kevin and Jojo.


In an interview with Complex in 2013, Kevin said, “I have other children,” which made it sound like he had kids with other women and got Dreka pregnant. I’m not that far away from them. I lay in bed with them, hold them, and show them, love.

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