Dragon Master 52 {Jan 2022} Curious To Know? Read Here!

The article will inform you about Dragon Master 52 and its features and playing strategy. Read the article to know more.

Studio “Magic Hat” initiated with “Dragon Master”. 

It is a new type of game that claims to have an association with “RTS”, “MOBA”, and “Blockchain”. 

The game is already trendy Worldwide. Many players are trying to explore new experiences. 

The game has special features that make it unique from the other game structure. 

So, for our readers and game lovers, we try to give them some ideas about the game. So, let’s know about Dragon Master 52

What is the Game? 

As we told you, this game has unique features. Also, the players can play the game with different experiences. 

A gamer can play the game with various dragons that have superpower elements. The players can choose the dragons and capture them. The dragons can be used to start and complete a game. 

It is the most unique pattern of the game. Besides this, the power of “Blockchain” gives the game more enhanced and robust elements. 

The game has security enhancement from “Ethereum” and offers absolute security from any cyber-attacks. 

What is Dragon Master 52

Now we should know about the theme. 

There is a Dragon Master that lives inland – “Lemuria.” It is the dragon land. There are various kinds of dragons in this land that have several unique power. 

As players, one can explore various kinds of dragons. They have different features, powers, strengths and names. 

The names of the dragons are also very unique. You will get “Bomb Dragon”, “Titan Dragon,” “Free Dragon,” and “Thunder Dragon”. 

A player can use any of these dragons. Players can chase the mission and complete the task of the game as per the rule. 

Dragon Master 52– Playing Strategy

To play the “Dragon Master,” you have to take a strategy to win the game. 

The critical area of the game is making your own dragons team. As per the rule of the game, a player can take 4 different sizes of dragons. 

The size of the dragons should be extra-large, large, medium and small. It will complete the team of a player. 

With the four sizes of dragons, the gamers can start the game. The name of the battlefield is “5 tracks”. 

But there is a thumb rule of this Dragon Master 52

If you choose giant size dragon, it gets heavyweight on the game field but has minimum power. The more enormous dragon can only push the dragon on the battlefield. It initiates the hits power of the player’s “HP”. We know the winners’ names when the “HP” hits the “Zero Line”. 


The game is being popularized by game lovers recently. Many game lovers want to play the game. 

It has many reasons. Gamers can do combinations of various types of the team by skill, powers and strategy. 

Players can play Dragon Master 52 game on their Android version. Gamers can also download the game. 

You can also check the link for more information.

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