Dr Oz Scam Artist (December 2021) Find Out More Here!

The guide shares details about Dr Oz to help people know why people call Dr Oz Scam Artist. 

The heart surgeon turned TV host, Dr. Mehmet Oz recently announced his Senate bid in Nov 2021 for PA. Soon after the announcement, some daytime TV producers criticized him while calling him a scam artist.

A veteran daytime producer spoke out against the Senate candidate in a profile of New York Magazine. 

Dr. Oz is a republican and a celebrity with high recognition amongst the crowd in the United States. Recently, he announced that he is running for Senate in PA. But the daytime producer offered a critique by calling Dr Oz Scam Artist.

Who is Dr Oz?

Dr. Mehmet Oz is a renowned TV personality, host, university professor, author, and cardiothoracic surgeon in the United States. He was a regular guest in the popular TV show Oprah Winfrey Show. He made over 60 appearances in the show.

Dr Oz launched his daily TV show on medical issues and health in 2009. He got promoted to alternative medicines and pseudoscience and received criticism from government officials, physicians, and publications. 

On 30th Nov 2021, Dr. Oz announced that he is running in the US Senate Election in Pennsylvania in coming 2022 as a Republican to succeed the present Senate, Pat Toomey, who is retiring from the post.         

Is Dr Oz Scam Artist?

After evaluating online, we found many comments and reviews on Dr. Oz. Many people are against the Senate candidate, and even a daytime producer spoke out against him and called him a scam artist. 

Some people said that Dr. Oz is a fraud artist after streaming his TV show. The user said that he offers a miracle cure, and it is a red flag. Some people said he is misguiding others to make money via his show. So, they call Dr Oz Scam Artist

The daytime producer is a scam artist because he focused on making money for success and started selling out via TV shows. The producer said that he is dangerous because he believes that he has some divine powers. 

What Are People Saying About Dr Oz?

After evaluating the doctor online, we found many critiques and comments from many people. Many people said Dr. Oz is a Scam Artist and can’t be nominated for the profile of Senate in PA.

Even the former producer of the Dr Oz Show said Dr Oz Scam Artist because he was seen doing true crime segments in between the shows and accused him of doing it to make money. The daytime show producer also said that he believes in having some divine power to heal people, and it is to make money.

There are many comments online against the doctor and his show which you can check online. 


Dr. Oz is a renowned TV personality and heart surgeon by profession. However, he is in the news these days after his announcement for the PA Senate election in 2022. Many people criticized his decision and referred Dr Oz Scam Artist.

The reviews and comments are against the doctor, and the TV show he hosts is also alleged to make money by offering a miracle cure. 

What is your opinion on Dr Oz? Please share it in the comment section. Moreover, we have provided you with the details only on the topic from online sources and hold no authority over the subject. 

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