What is DR My Heart Ring?

A heart-shaped engagement ring is usually referred to as a ring set with a diamond that has a heart-shaped outline. Heart-shaped engagement ring is the most romantic engagement ring shape with the most sincere and tender symbol of human emotions,  representing eternal love.

In the jewelry market, different engagement ring brands have their own collections of heart-shaped engagement rings, from which you can find the one that perfectly illustrates your sweet love journey. Today, we are going to talk about the heart shaped engagement ring collection from Darry Ring.

Darry Ring is a high-end jewelry brand from China that is dedicated to creating exclusive rings and jewelry that allow you to feel the beauty of love through wearing. It stipulates that each person can only purchase one DR diamond ring from Darry Ring, and the purchaser is required to bind the ID card when making the first purchase. 

This novel and unique purchase rule quickly attracted the attention of young couples from all over the world. The desire to receive a DR Ring to express their true love for their partner can always be seen on social media. Among them, the DR My Heart Ring is especially popular.

What is the DR My Heart Ring?

DR My Heart Ring refers to a diamond engagement ring collection from Darry Ring, My Heart Collection, which is a collection of engagement rings featuring heart-shaped diamonds. Its design is inspired by Eros, the god of love. Legend has it that lovers who are struck by the arrow of the god of love will have a heart-shaped gemstone stamped on the arrow’s blade, which represents the romantic promise of “giving you my heart”.

Darry Ring has taken this meaning and created a heart-shaped diamond with DR characteristics as the symbolic mark of the My Heart Collection. Therefore, the DR My Heart Ring means that the only one heart in this life belongs to you, which highly meets the brand culture of Darry Ring, that is, the only diamond ring for the only one in a lifetime.

Features of DR My Heart Ring

1. Double heart cut technique

The DR Heart Ring collection differs from similar brands of heart-shaped engagement rings by the use of a double heart cut technique. Double heart cut technique is cut by changing the number, proportion and angle of the facets of the crown and pavilion of the diamond to change the path of light refraction, thus visually achieving the effect of two heart-shaped silhouettes in one diamond.

Darry Ring Company drills exquisite diamond cuts so that the inner heart outline is perfectly aligned with the outer heart outline from the table to the bottom. Heart-shaped diamonds with double heart cut technique have more harmonious proportions and sparkle more than traditional heart-shaped diamonds.

2. Adopting microscopic suspension setting process

The diamonds in Darry Ring heart rings are set using the microscopic suspension setting process. Darry Ring brings in technicians with more than 5 years of professional setting experience to ensure that each heart-shaped diamond engagement ring is flawless. The micro-suspension setting process means that the technician uses a 40x microscope to set each diamond throughout the entire process, and under the multiple checks of the microscope and loupe, the diamond’s solidity, fire, and brilliance are guaranteed to the greatest extent possible.

3. Designed by internationally renowned designer

Part of the DR My Heart engagement ring collection was designed by internationally renowned jewelry designer Claire Chine Hardion. Designed by Claire Chine Hardion, a French fine jewelry designer whose works have been exhibited at the Louvre in France, the DR heart rings are exquisite and unique, with a highly artistic aesthetic.

4. Strict selection of diamonds

In order to provide users with the highest quality heart cut diamonds, Darry Ring performs extremely stringent quality control standards on the procurement of heart cut diamonds. In addition to strictly controlling the 4Cs of each heart cut diamond, also set a strict size range for the table ratio and depth ratio, so as to forge the double heart cut diamonds full with DR characteristics.

5. Appraised by IGI Diamond Certification

IGI (International Gemstone Institute) is the pioneer of the perfect diamond cut. It is one of the world’s leading diamond appraisal institutes, along with the GIA, but IGI specializes in diamond cut appraisals. When you purchase a DR My Heart ring, you will receive a diamond engagement ring certificate from IGI in conjunction with DR that represents a higher than industry standard in diamond cut cut and ratio.

3 DR My Heart Ring Recommendation

This is an extravagant heart-shaped engagement ring with a brilliant cut main stone featuring 58 perfectly symmetrical facets that give out a dazzling sparkle and fire. There are 18 small round diamonds forming a halo around the main stone. One half of the ring band is set with 12 small round diamonds, making this Darry Ring heart ring luxurious.

  • DR MY HEART Heart Shaped Halo Pavé Engagement Ring

This romantic heart engagement ring has 3 split shanks that hold a finely carved large heart cut diamond ranging in weight from 0.23 to 1 carat. This is also a halo engagement ring with a halo of 18 small round diamonds surrounding the main diamond for added sparkle. 3 split shanks are also set with small round diamonds that add to the brilliance of this DR My Heart ring.

  • DR MY HEART Heart Shaped Solitaire Engagement Ring

This DR My Heart ring features a minimalist design with only one large heart cut diamond set on the band arm. However, the remarkable curved surface reflects the multiple fantastic brilliance of the diamond, making it the perfect heart-shaped diamond engagement ring for girls.

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