Dr Donald Cline Indianapolis {May} Read All Details!

The post talks about Dr Donald Cline Indianapolis and elaborates on the documentary on Netflix.

Netflix brings a wide range of series and content that doesn’t fail to keep the viewers intrigued. So, are you aware of the latest Netflix series called ‘Our Father’ based on Dr Donald Cline’s life in the United States? But how much of the story is accurate, and is it a work of fiction?

As the series is a documentary aired on Netflix, there is no doubt that it is based on actual happenings. Thus, this article gives you a detailed insight into Dr Donald Cline Indianapolis

Who is Dr Donald Cline?

The Netflix series has created quite a steer among the audience. Herein, many are taking to social media to unearth the facts about Dr Donald Cline, who was involved in a heinous crime. Dr Cline was a fertility doctor in the state of Indianapolis.

As per sources, he was alleged for fathering dozens of his patient’s kids illegally. However, the crime didn’t come to light decades together until one of his children performed a DNA test and revealed the fact about Dr Donald Cline Fertility Doctor, who was later arrested by Indianapolis police. In the sections coming forth, we will be elaborating further on why he is in the news and about Dr Donald Cline in detail.

More Information about Dr Donald Cline

  • As per sources and the information shown in the documentary, Dr Donald Cline was once revered by his community.
  • He was a fertility doctor who defied many of its practices.
  • Additionally, he opened his fertility clinic in 1979 after graduating from medical school at Indiana University and later serving in the United States Air Force.
  • However, he indulged in illegal practices that brought him under the scanner.

Our Father Documentary Wiki – What does it highlight?

The documentary has come across as a spine chilling case that highlights Dr Donald Cline, who was a fertility doctor. As per the documentary, his crime came to the fore when one of his children Jacoba Ballard, went to do a DNA test and got seven matches.

Besides, she also found that many others also matched the test and thus proved to be her half-siblings. She began an investigation in 2014 and filed a report at the Indiana Attorney General’s Office. As per Donald Cline Wiki, he was proved guilty of uncalled practices. The documentary ‘Our Father’ has gained much attention from audiences from across the globe. It has become a topic of discussion.

Final Conclusion

Netflix is known for bringing content, whether it is series or documentaries. Herein, the latest documentary that is based on the life and incident of Dr Donald Cline has brought to the limelight a lot of new details and has become the most-watched documentary on Netflix.

All details are taken from sources, and we hold no claims to them. Do you want to know more about Dr Donald Cline Indianapolis? The read.

Have you watched the documentary? Please share your views and feedback in the comments section below.

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