Dr Curry Psychologist {May} Why Johnny Depp Hired Her?

Dr Curry Psychologist, has shared the news of the trial between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Herald and elaborated on the role of Dr. Shannon in it.      

The ongoing court case between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Herald is getting worse. At the time of divorce Herald also filed a domestic violence case against Depp and later narrated her story on the media portal without naming the actor.

At a recent court hearing, the flirty glance exchanged between actor and Psychologist Shannon caught the audience’s attention Worldwide. Depp has hired her to evaluate Amber and testify in court about her current condition. To know more about this profession, read Dr Curry Psychologist post till the end.

Johnny Depp and Psychologist Shannon:

At the time of divorce Amber also filed a domestic violence case against her ex-husband and later wrote an article. The charge of domestic violence started affecting the actor’s work, and he filed a defamation case against Amber in 2019, seeking $50 million for damage.

He hired Shannon as a Psychologist to evaluate the mental condition of Herald as it would help him in settling the court case. The doctor testified on the 9th day of the trial and gave him opinion on Herald’s mental condition.  She testified that Amber is suffering from HPD in which a person craves attention.

Dr Shannon Curry Psychologist in Depp Legal Team:

Dr Curry has been practicing forensic and clinical Psychology for the last fifteen years and has a license for California and Hawaii. She is also the founder of Curry Psychology group, a center in California dealing with issues related to domestic violence, relationship, and trauma.

She works as a psychiatric counselor and helps people sort out their relationship issues. Curry studied at Pepperdine University and completed her Master’s and Doctorate degrees in clinical psychology.

In the ongoing trial, many people like the former security guard have testified before the court, but no one got the attention of viewers like Doctor Curry.

Dr Curry Psychologist Importance in Trial:

Johnny Depp lost his role in Pirates of the Caribbean after his wife’s revelation of a domestic violence story. His image and standing in society also got questioned after his ex-wife’s accusation. The defamation suit filed by the actor in 2019 got a sufficient boost after Curry testified in court.

She had her meeting with Herald in 2021, which allowed the doctor to review her medical record and assess her mental condition. According to Dr. Shannon, Herald has Borderline Personality Disorder in which the patient has a fear of abandonment.

Doctor Curry on Depp and Amber Relationship:

Dr Shannon Curry Psychologist further testified that BPD makes a person fearful of being left in a relationship, and they make extreme and violent attempts to save themselves from it. The doctor further clarified that her mental condition was one of the reasons for her bad relationship with Depp, which finally lasted in divorce. Her testimony may help Depp in the ongoing trial.

Note – All the details are based on internet research.

Final verdict:

Two people always part because of a bad experience, but it’s better to settle it decently. In this case, the private life of both the actors is being discussed to fix the issue. 

Dr Curry Psychologist testimony may help Depp settle the case, but it will be hard to get back his reputation. Fans of the actors can share their views in the comment section of this post.

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