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The post discusses Dpd Scam Text 2022 and further details about the scam.

Are you aware of the online scams? However, it also turns out to be a medium for scammers and hackers to lure users into believing the messages to share their information. Most of these scams include phishing messages or links requiring users to add personal and financial details, causing hacks.

One such scam which we will be looking into is Dpd Scam Text 2022 in the United Kingdom. So continue to read the entire article to understand the hacker’s trick.

What is the DPD Scam?

The internet is a medium for scammers to scam people into sharing their essential information. For example, the DPD Text scam is currently doing rounds on the internet across the United Kingdom.

As per sources, the users receive a text message named DPD and a website link dpd-track.net. However, this is a phishing message which looks very legit. Yet adding any information will assist scammers in stealing the data and accessing the account through the Dpd Scam Text 2022. In the section coming further, we will elaborate further on the scam and how to prevent ourselves from such scams.

A Gist of the DPD Scam

  • DPD is a UK-based parcel delivery company
  • It has fallen prey to phishing scams wherein users are sent a DPD text claiming to be from the company.
  • The recipient is provided with a link asking to track their parcel
  • However, the link leads to another website which is a spoof to steal the victim’s finance and personal information

Dpd Scam Text 2022 – Is it a Scam?

DPD has issued users a warning to customers highlighting the scam. Besides, warming is also shared to delete any such messages received and not click on any link.

Furthermore, any user who has replied or clicked on the link and added details must immediately connect with the bank or the credit card provider to cancel payments initiated to the account.

Moreover, users are asked to be safe and vigilant on receiving texts such as the Dpd Scam Text 2022 by reading the sentences and checking for errors and grammar. In addition, users are also recommended to cross-check with the company website to assess if any such texts are being sent.

In addition, it is to be noted that no company asks for personal information or requires users to pay any money. Hence it is imperative to check the authenticity of the texts before sharing any details.

Final Conclusion

Users must resort to vigilance from their end. First, they should check the legitimacy of the content, ensuring it is shared from trusted sources. Secondly, update your anti-malware and antivirus software that can track malicious texts.

If you wish to know more about the Dpd Scam Text 2022, Please do read here,  

Did you, too, receive any text claiming to be from DPD? Then, do share your experience and opinions in the comments section.

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