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Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Doordash Verification Code Scam to know how scammers plotted it.

Did you know that the Doordash verification scam targets Doordash delivery drivers in the United States? First, it needs to be noted that the Doordash verification code is sent to both the customers and delivery drivers each time they log in. 

The customer accounts require only one-time login unless the cache of the Doordash app is cleared or until the user logs out. But, Doordash Verification Code Scam worked on the delivery driver’s app. So, let’s see how it worked.

About the Doordash code scam:

The login process for delivery drivers differs from the customer’s login process. The delivery drivers need to provide their email addresses and password to log in. After each session, they get logged out. Yes, the code scam news is true.

In the delivery driver’s account, important information such as bank account details to credit the wages are present. The scammers targeted the delivery driver’s account to gain access to the account to update the scammer’s bank account details to get the wages.

Darrel, one of the Doordash delivery drivers, was scammed with $939.45. The Doordash Verification Code Scam cases featured in 2021, when several delivery drivers reported receiving calls from scammers. The scammer placed a food delivery order.

Whenever a customer orders food delivery, DoorDash sends the telephone number of the delivery driver to the customer just in case they need to check the delivery timeline, status, or any information with the driver.

The scammer called Darrel and pretended to be a Doordash customer service representative. The scammer informed Darrel that they were upgrading the Doordash app interface with a few security features, such as a firewall, and he required Darrel’s user ID and password. Darrel believed the caller and provided his credentials. This detail is taken from the web; we are not taking its authority.

Doordash Verification Code Scam:

The scammers took advantage of this loophole. The scammer had logged in to Darrel’s delivery driver account and updated scammer’s bank account details. It is how the scam was plotted. 

Later, Darrel realized that he did not receive his wages. Upon contacting Doordash customer service, they verified his bank account details, and Darrel reported that the bank account did not belong to him. The amount of $939.45 was already credited to the scammer’s account, and Doordash could not reverse it. 

Once delivery driver provides their user ID and password, the scammers can make any changes to such account. Hence, to counter Doordash Verification Code Scam, Doordash started publishing an app notification that Doordash customer service will never ask for drivers’ account passwords. Additionally, Doordash promoted a two-step verification code for receiving secured payments.


The news about the Doordash Verification Scam  turns out to be true. Additionally, several customers also reported receiving verification codes. However, the customer login process is different. Therefore, customers were safe from verification code scams. However, such a customer’s information is compromised as someone may be trying to access the customer’s account. 

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