Door To Door Mask Scam (Jan 2022) Some Facts-Checking!

The post talks about Door to Door Mask Scam and elaborates on its authenticity and reliability.

The pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. The Coronavirus pandemic lurking across the globe since 2020 has made the world depend on the internet for all the updates. It has also led to many hoaxes and fear spreading like wildfire.

While many such panic messages were shared on the internet and social media sites, one that caught viewers’ attention was the Door to Door Mask Scam in the United States.

Thus, in this article, we present you with detailed insight into its all about.

What is The Scam All About?

The news of the perpetual scam started doing rounds at the start of the pandemic has once again become viral across the United States. As per sources, there was news about thieves handing out public masks sprayed with chemicals. The reason was that the chemical-filled masks made people unconscious, and they were looted by the thieves.

In the coming sections, we will be exploring the authenticity of the news Door to Door Mask Scam and understanding whether it is true or fake.

What was The Claim?

As per sources, it was claimed that the thieves were exploiting the common public by handing them masks sprayed with chemicals. It induced panic among the public, who got scared of purchasing masks from any individual. Furthermore, on researching, we explored that when the individuals were made unconscious, they were then robbed and looted by the goons.

But the question here is how authentic is it? Thus, we decided to conduct in-depth research and tried to reach the issue’s root.

Door to Door Mask Scam – Is It True Or Fake?

As per research, the scam or the hoax message was shared on Facebook as a warning. It was spread during late March and during early April 2020. However, the wordings used in the message were quite vague, thereby spreading worldwide through social media. Besides, it was quite difficult to verify the same with any federal or local law enforcement agency.

However, on researching further, there were no such warnings regarding the same from any news outlet or an agency. Also, two videos of people acting out the crime of the Door to Door Mask Scam came forward, which was proven to be false and contained no legitimacy.

Final Conclusion

The internet opens out a medium for spreading messages instantly. People hardly have the time to check the legitimacy or authenticity of the same, making it difficult for one to check its legitimacy. Besides, false news is often spread in the form of memes that garners instant attention and is thus spread within a blink of the eye.

Do you want to know more about Door to Door Mask Scam? Then do read here to learn more about this hoax.

Have you come across any other similar scam about the pandemic? Please do share your experience and views in the comment section below. Also, stay alert and gather information about online scams.

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