Don’t DIY Property Sales: Get a Realtor!

Sometimes the internet makes us believe we can do anything ourselves, but is selling a home one of these things that should be DIY’d? 

The answer is usually no. There are many reasons why people always choose a local real estate agent when it comes time to make a sale, but the main reason is that it’s a huge legal undertaking, where a lot of money is exchanged, so working with professionals is a great option. 

Think about it, you see a doctor for illnesses and a builder for your home because they have more knowledge than the layman, so why not use a real estate agent?

 If you’re still on the fence, here are the best parts of using a real estate agent: 

You Save Money in The Long Run

On paper, it may seem as though real estate agents cost a lot, but in reality, they can pay for themselves in the cost of the home when it sells. They are skilled in marketing, advertising, and locating potential buyers and are trained to provide you with an accurate market value for your property.

You’ll be mostly on your own if you don’t have a real estate agent by your side, and if you don’t have a lot of experience in the real estate market, you’ll be at a disadvantage when you put your home on the market.

They’re Local Experts

A local real estate agent is usually a great option for you as they will have access to the information about your neighbourhood that will help your product sell. This includes how much other properties in the area are sold for, and what needs to emphasise to help make a sale. 

If you’re in the Wyndham area, a Point Cook Real Estate agent is a great idea for the following reasons: 

  • Your agent will know all about the neighbourhood.
  • They will likely have sold similar properties close by.
  • They will know the market patterns specific to your area.
  •  They will give you a precise selling cost with your area in mind.
  • Your agent will want to make a high sale as it will affect other sales they make in your area in the future.
  • They will know if a buyer is undervaluing the property based on prior sales in the area, so you get the most out of the deal.

They Handle Complicated Marketing

An effective marketing strategy is essential to the success of your sale, as it helps you make sure your property is seen by all the right people. Most real estate agencies offer marketing as a part of the sales package, and this means that you will get a multifaceted marketing plan that aims to find the right people for your home to sell at the right price. 

Less Paperwork is A Win

The best thing about real estate is their capacity to organise all the paperwork in an effective and efficient manner, and this matters because there’s a lot of paperwork involved in selling a home. They will explain, fill out and submit all the necessary documents for a legal sale and take the stress off your shoulders. Remember, a mistake isn’t just costly it can cause legal issues and fraud charges down the line. 

They’re Expert Negotiators

While some people are naturally good negotiators, the majority need years of experience to perfect their skills. Real estate agents are excellent negotiators in addition to providing local expertise and property insight. Negotiation skills could mean the difference between a good sale and a great sale, regardless of whether you sell via private treaty or auction, so don’t skimp on this idea. 

If you want to sell your home, nobody beats Established Property for the Wyndham area, contact them and get started today. 

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