Dolmi Reviews (Dec 2021) Is It A Scam Or Legit Site?

Here in this article, we will go through the Dolmi Reviews, and we will read all the details related to this clothing website.

We all love to shop for clothes online. But you must have noticed that many online shopping stores have been launched. Thus, it has become very difficult for the customers to choose among so many of these websites. But do not worry. We are here to help you out. This article will revolve around a very popular shopping website, and we will give you its reviews.

This article will give you Dolmi Reviews, which is currently very popular in the United States. This will help you determine the legitimacy of this website, and you will be able to shop freely. 

What is Dolmi Website?

Dolma is an online website that provides trendy clothing items for women. The website enlists many clothes for women, such as fall dresses, sweatshirts, blouses, tees, sweaters, outerwear, jumpsuits, sweatpants, jeans, pants, etc. 

The website claims to provide classy clothes for all kinds of women. The clothes displayed on the website are comparatively lower in price. The website was launched long ago and is 17 years old. We will also talk about Is Dolmi legit or not further in the article. 


  • Official link of the website- email id of the website-
  • Domain age- 17 years (it was made on 2004-03-17)
  • Payment methods accepted- Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Network, Diners Club, JCB, Paypal.
  • Return Policy- Products can be requested for return within 30 days of delivery. (Products which are unworn, unwashed, unaltered, and in original conditions are only eligible for return.)
  • Refund Policy- Once the refund is processed, the customers will receive the refund within 14 days. 
  • We will move to Dolmi Reviews after the pros and cons of the website. 
  • Shipping Policy- Processing of the products will take 4-11 days, then 4-10 business days for shipment. 

Pros of the website:

Let us have a look at the pros of the Dolmi online store;

  • The website is very old. It is 17 years old and was made on 2004-03-17. 
  • The domain name of the web store was registered one year in advance. 
  • It provides a huge variety of clothes.
  • Dolmi Reviews is covered in the next part of the article. 
  • It has social media presence on Facebook and Instagram. 
  • There are customer reviews of the website present online on various websites. 

Cons of Dolmi website:

Now let us look at the cons of the website:

  • The website is hosted in a high-risk country. 
  • It is a website within another website. 
  • The Alexa rank of the Dolmi web store is not very high. 
  • There are not many reviews of the customers on the popular websites. 

Is Dolmi Legit?

After having gone through all the website specifications, we can conclude that the Dolmi website is safe to use. Various factors indicate the same. First of all the web store is as old as 17 years. Secondly, there are customer reviews present on the website and other online websites as well. This shows that the website is legit, and the customers can use it safely. 

Also, there is social media presence of the website on popular platforms like Instagram and Facebook. After looking at all of these factors, we can say that the website is legit. 

Dolmi Reviews:

The Dolmi website provides a huge variety of clothes for women. They have a safe returning policy which enables the customers to return the clothes easily. The website seems to be legit, with many customer reviews present online. 

Thus, the customers can trust the website. It also provides its customers various payment methods so that every customer can pay according to their comfort. It also has a social media presence so the customers can also look at the products on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. 

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Here in this very article, we have read about a shopping website, and we have done a detailed review of Dolmi Reviews. Wehave seen all the specifications and the pros and cons of the website, and at last, we can conclude that this is a legit website, and we can buy fashionable clothes  from here. And read here to know who is liable for damaged Paypal.

Have you purchased anything from the Dolmi website? If yes, then share your customer experience.

2 thoughts on “Dolmi Reviews (Dec 2021) Is It A Scam Or Legit Site?”

  1. I will never order from them again. I placed an order over 2 months ago and waited and waited and waited. I finally emailed them and they said the package was on the way. Well 2 of my 4 items showed up, waited some more, emailed they said my package was coming, a couple weeks go by and I get 1 more item, waited and waited and emailed again and they said my package was again on its way. Well I did get a package and they sent me the wrong item, not even what I ordered. So I emailed them again saying you sent me the wrong blouse and that I want a refund for that blouse as I am done with them. They basically told me:

    After checking, we found that your parcel has indeed arrived at your local post office on 2021-10-21 12:26, 2021-10-29 14:31 and 2021-10-06 12:09. Attached is a picture of the latest logistics information for your verification. In this case, we suggest you try the following two methods to find your package:
    1. Please contact your local post office and provide your name, address and tracking number.
    2. Please check with your neighbors and family to see if they have signed the package for you.
    At the same time, we will verify your delivery address with the logistics provider. Please check if the following address in the picture is correct. If you still cannot find your package after trying the methods, we suggest you negotiate with the logistics company about the claim.
    We hope to get another chance to provide you with the best service. After checking with our manager, we are willing to give you a 20% discount code for your next use. If you agree to the proposal, please feel free to contact us.
    Hope you will receive your goods as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
    Best regards,
    Customer Service Center

    Really, are you kidding me? You sent me the wrong item and I have to go do all of this!!!! I am beyond mad and will never order from them again. Their service is horrible.

    I am so mad!


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