Things To Consider When Giving Your Dog CBD Supplements

Any pet parent feels helpless when they see their furry friend in distress. They want to relieve them as soon as possible and in the most organic manner imaginable without any side effects. Cannabis’ therapeutic properties are becoming popular, especially the non-psychoactive CBD/cannabidiol ingredient. Due to this reason, more CBD products enter the market, such as oil, chews, etc. Cannabidiol is a potential treatment for epilepsy, anxiety, arthritis, and seizure disorders.

Dog CBD brands help enhance your pet’s general health; they can lift your dog’s spirits and reduce anxiety, aggressiveness, and chronic discomfort. CBD can be produced using either cannabis or hemp. It is reportedly simple to obtain and is available in various forms, such as oil, pills, treats, and chews. There are numerous health advantages associated with cannabidiol, such as its anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce anxiety, etc., for pets. Unlike THC, the main benefit is that it won’t make your dog high. 

However, before administering CBD to your dogs, there are some things that you must consider: 

Opt for full-spectrum supplements

Try to choose cannabidiol products with a full spectrum, like cannabidiol oil. CBD oil with a full spectrum has an entourage effect. Additionally, full-spectrum dog CBD brands are cultivated naturally without using chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. If one is concerned about their pets being high, the whole spectrum covers all cannabinoids found in the plant, and the THC content is less than 0.3%, so you do not need to be concerned. 

The key benefit is that “full spectrum CBD” also contains terpenes and other cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plant naturally. They have various naturally occurring terpenes and active cannabinoids like cannabidiol, CBN, and others. Numerous medicinal uses of Terpenes, such as antifungal, antimicrobial, etc., give cannabis plants distinctive smells and scents.

Consider the dosage

The dosage is one factor when giving a CBD supplement to a dog. Depending on the ailment, the dosage can vary greatly. There are chances of overdosing on cannabidiol even though it has no known harm. The benchmark dosage of 1mL is the one that is effective in the vast majority of situations. 

Despite widespread assumptions, there is yet to be an exact calculator for cannabidiol oil dosage. The size and weight of your pet have minimal bearing on the dosage of cannabidiol. You can always try with a small dose and see if it helps. If you have any questions, you can always refer to your vet. 

Types of supplement

You can choose from products like CBD oil, treats, and chews when it comes to cannabidiol supplements. More active components will be delivered when CBD oil is taken orally beneath the tongue instead of chews. The oil has a dropper with level markings for safe and precise dosing. 

If CBD oil is put under the tongue, then more of the active elements are absorbed. Your pets’ tongue bottoms have delicate skin. As a result, cannabidiol can enter the bloodstream more quickly. Giving cannabidiol treats to your dog is also beneficial, and it will work too, but it can take some time to show effects. 


To sum up, it has been demonstrated that cannabidiol offers particular health advantages for dogs and is becoming more widely accepted as a helpful option in providing relief to dogs. However, given the constant release of new pet CBD supplements, it’s imperative to consider purchasing cannabidiol from a reputable brand that provides full spectrum CB spectrum. You can give these supplements to your pets.

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