DK Oyster Bar Scam {June} What Is It About? Read Here!

Article DK Oyster Bar Scam provides the true facts behind the Greek Island scams with their history of overcharging prices to customers.

Do you love watching beach scenery on the Greek islands? Do you want to feel the Greek sea breeze? If so, Mykonos is the best place for that. It is a Greek island located in the Aegean Sea, which is located near the United Kingdom. But sometimes, these trips can also lead to a scam. Here is the news article which provides the DK Oyster Bar Scam.

The oyster bar

DK Oyster is a luxury restaurant located on Platis Gialos beach in Mykonos, Greece. The region is famous for its luxury hotels and scam culture. Recently, an American family, Brenda Moulton, and her daughter Kaylea visited the bar. The family ordered two mojitos and two crab legs, but the oyster bar’s bill shocked them. 

The bar quoted a bill amount of 520.80 Euros for the dishes and 80 euros for the mandatory service charge, total charge amount of 600 euro. When the family started to expose the scam, they threatened them. So, they complained about the bar for scamming and mistreatment.

DK Oyster Bar Mykonos

This oyster bar is located in the heart of Mykonos- island. They even got an award for their Mediterranean cuisine. But the rate of charge for each meal is very high, and it does seem like a scam. When the American tourist tried to expose the fraud. 

They coerced the tourists into paying the bill amount and blackmailed them by stating that they wouldn’t be allowed to return to their own country if they didn’t pay the bill amount. Now the oyster is under legal proceedings of court.

Is the scam real?

The DK Oyster Bar Scam has alerted many tourists, and some of the earlier victims of the scam have started to expose the oyster bar’s scheme of pricing. Their scheme of pricing will not be a transparent one. 

They charge no fees for sunbeds, and have the confusing pricing structures and add that amount to the food items without the knowledge of the customers. So, they have been luring their customers’ hard-earned money over a more extended period. Another tourist had also fallen into the trap by buying six plates of calamari for 836 Euros.

The previous scam history

This DK Oyster Bar Scam is not the first time many customers have reviewed the scam nature of oyster bars online. Similarly, in May, an American tourist told the famous newspaper “daily mail” that the oyster bar had charged them 1640 euros for two main courses with salad and bread. 

When they began to question the pricing, the workers surrounded to scare them. This time, the mother and duo didn’t just pay the bill but exposed the scam to the world, and Moultons’s Lawyer Marizanna Kikiri is taking up this scam case.


The article DK Oyster Bar Scam provided the facts about the scam. Platis Gialos beach area is famous for its luxury hotels and bars. Many people have commented that this place is a breeding point for scams, so to prevent that, previous tourists have created an exclusive website called dkoysterscam to warn future tourists about this place. For more new updates.

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