Disney Plus Error Code 1027 (Oct 2022) How Do I Fix It?

The guide shares details about the Disney Plus Error Code 1027 and the common fixes to solve the problem.

Disney Plus is the streaming application that has millions of users worldwide. Many mobile users and PC users have installed the application to binge-watch their favorite films, series, and more. 

Unfortunately, users in Germany, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States face a standard error that prevents them from binge-watching their favorite series.

They are getting the error code 1027 or Profile_service_init_faliure error when attempting to launch the application for online streaming. So, what is the Disney Plus Error Code 1027, and how to get it fixed? Let us find the answer below.    

What is Disney+ Error Code 1027?

Disney+ Error Code 1027 is the new service error that users are facing when attempting to launch or open the application for a binge-watch. The error occurs with code 1027, or it displays the error like Profile_Service_Init_Faliure. 

The error prevents the users from accessing the application or streaming their favorite series on the application. Many customers worldwide are facing the error and experiencing it when attempting to watch their favorite series.  

What Causes the Disney Plus Error Code 1027?

After evaluating, we have found some underlying reasons for the error. According to the sources, the error is caused when the streaming application fails to load the profile using the profile services. 

It is a profile-related error, and it is caused when you attempt to launch the application using your profile service. However, there are fixes available, and you don’t have to worry. You have to follow the below steps to fix the Disney plus error code 142 on your device.  

How to Fix Disney+ Error Code 1027?

Here is the list of fixes that can help you solve the error on your device and continue streaming your favorite series on the application. 

  • Restart the Device – You have to restart the device to see if the problem is solved. 
  • Turn on the Router or Modem – You need to restart the modem or router to which the device is connected. 
  • Reinstallation – If the fixes mentioned above won’t work, ensure to uninstall the application and remove all app data from app settings. Reinstall the application and log in using your credentials to check if Disney Plus Error Code 1027 is solved.    
  • DNS Settings – DNS setting allows the application and device to search the servers and websites. So, by resetting the DNS and clearing the DNS caches, you can quickly fix the error on your device and continue binge-watching. 

Remember to log out and delete all temporary data and files as it may also cause the error. Then, signup again and see if the problem is solved. 


Disney+ streaming application is quite famous amongst online streamers. However, the Disney Plus Error Code 1027 prevents them from streaming their favorite series and films on the platform. If you are facing the error and want to fix it, ensure to learn the things you have to do to fix the error

Have you encountered the error? What measures did you use to fix it? Would you mind sharing it in the comments section? 

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