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Online backlash after the Discord Image Scam has prompted the retrieval of the web3 setup plans. Read here to know more.

There has recently been a backlash after some Trojan profile pictures were depicted on Discord’s user interface. It has hinted at a crypto scam on Discord as the company plans to host many blockchain communities on the platform. Some users have alleged that Discord does not care about their feelings. 

Some have decided to boycott Discord Nitro subscriptions after the Discord Image Scam. A rampant disregard has been shown for Discord in the United StatesCanada, and the United Kingdom. The users resorted to Twitter to show their discontent with Discord and its management. 

How does Discord Work?

Discord, an instant-messaging, VoIP, and digital distribution platform, allows users to communicate with text, voice or video calls and in exchange for media files. It is available on Windows, iOS, Linux, and as an app on Android. More than 300 million users are registered on Discord, including more than 150 million active users. Discord Image Scam is a painful instance for those who have been using the platform for a long time.

 Discord was released in 2015 by Jason Citron. Soon, many game developers start swapping their Internet Relay Chat (IRC) with Discord plugins. For people playing from different cities or even countries, Discord became inextricable. In 2020, the company announced shifting focus from a video-game specific chatting service to an all-encompassing chat client service. A new slogan, ‘Your place to talk,’ was given for the grand mission. The user base of the platform has significantly increased during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Discord Image Scam: Specifics and Criticisms 

Discord CEO Jason Citron recently took to Twitter to post the proposed web3 with integrated cryptocurrency and NFTs. Web3 is a decentralized blockchain-based version of the internet. It gained popularity with various crypto enthusiasts, and tech-entrepreneurs are inclining towards developing a new age internet. All the services would be decentralized with the advent of web3, and self-sovereign identity would be adopted. 

Citron looked excited, announcing that no problem would be caused to existing users while trading NFTs and Cryptocurrency in Discord became possible. Citron has negated the Discord Image Scam, but he couldn’t convince the users about the same. Crypto mining is also a significant problem complained about by Discord users. 

After an intense backlash on Twitter, Citron specified that the company has no plans for starting the web3 services instantly. He mentioned that Discord is working on protecting users from spam and fraud.


Discord has changed, or instead postponed, its plans of introducing a decentralized crypto trade setup as the image scam has been resolutely alleged and opposed by the users. The web3 mechanism, though it may be significant in a world of growing cryptos, could cause blunders if proper protection mechanisms are not employed. To know more on Discord Image Scam, see Discord Scam That Could HACK Your Account.


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