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This post mentions a few details of Disconnect Law Ontario to help the Canadian population learn about the new policy that recently came into effect.

Are the employees disconnecting from work in Ontario? Is the law enabling them to disconnect? All such things are recently searched by users across Canada who wants more details about the changes in the law.

The policy that recently came into effect in the Canadian region has a few rules that employees need to adhere to. Also, you must know the policies’ requirements. So, let’s read more about Disconnect Law Ontario through the post below.

What is the new disconnecting law in Ontario?

To be freed from work performance, the word “disconnecting from work” is described in the ESA as not participating in work-related correspondence, such as video chats, phone calls, emails, or reviewing or sending other messages.

On the other hand, the ESA does not oblige employers to include in their rules a new employee’s right to disengage from working and be freed of the requirement to participate in work-associated communications. Employees’ rights to refuse labour under the ESA are defined by other ESA regulations under Ontario Right to Disconnect Law.

What is the written policy’s requirement?

Excluding the Crown, a Crown agency, or an authority, board, commission, or company whose members are wholly nominated by the Crown, and their workers, the obligation related to written policy on disconnecting from work involves every employee and employer protected by the ESA.

Employers with twenty-five or above employees must have a written policy that enables every employee to work disconnection. They must also present every employee with a written policy copy.

A brief on Disconnect Law Ontario

The Ontario government just introduced a new Bill that they claim will assist the province’s workforce. Ontarians will get various perks if the bill is enacted, especially ‘The Right to Disconnect’ from employment. Sharmeen Somani will be reporting on November 13, 2021.

The right to disconnect law in Ontario took effect recently. Its policy or bill applies to every employee, including executives and management. On December 2, 2021, the Employment Standards Act of 2000 (ESA) was amended to include its standards. In the initial year of necessity, a particular regulation applies, as per the Ontario Right to Disconnect Law.

Additional details of Discconect Law policy in Ontario:

Employers with 25 or above workers on January 1, 2022, must have a documented policy for work disconnection in effect by June 2, 2022. Also, every employer with 25 or above staff on January 1 of either year should have a documented bill for work disconnection in effect by March 1 of that particular year, starting 2023, and every year after that.


Ontario’s new law was recently in effect in the region. The new law is associated with the employees’ disconnection from work. Also, the Disconnect Law Ontario states their disconnection from their performance is related to certain communications. 

Also, read more about Ontario’s new law of work disconnection. Have you gone through the recent regulation of disconnection in Ontario? Then, share the policy details in the comment box.

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