Dio Bone Aut (March 2022) What It Is & How To Obtain?

Are you wondering about acquiring Dio Bone Aut through simpler steps? Then this write-up has included the necessary steps.

Are you searching for a famous item of a game with ample benefits? Then go through this article for the newest updates. 

Recently, a game called ‘A Universal Time,’ popularly known as AUT, has evolved many rare items that would help obtain several rewards. Through this article, we will discuss the most popular and occasional item of AUT that has got several benefits upon obtaining it.

However, this game is popular in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Brazil. Therefore, let us initiate our discussion on Dio Bone Aut to know more facts about it. 

What is Dio’s Bone?

It is the most popular item within the AUT that has got enough popularity in recent days. Moreover, Dio’s Bone is an item that has been dropped by Dio and a randomly generated item with 5% worthiness. 

This Bone belongs to Dio, who transfers it to his friend Enrico Pucci before entering into an event named Stone Ocean. Moreover, this item has yellowish colour on all sides. Now, we will consider the detailed information of the Bone to know its worthiness. 

Some More Facts on Dio Bone Aut 

Dio’s Bone is extremely supportive of entering into ‘Made in Heaven’ or the ‘World of Heaven.’ Thus, after obtaining it, you will be redirected to Part Six Jotaro to earn his disc. 

However, during the game play, if Pucci obtains the power of Sports Maxx, an antagonist of Stone Ocean, then Dio’s Bone gets infected. The infected Bone can cause anyone to mutate itself, leading to becoming a plant. 

Upon germinating, Dio Bone Aut could give rise to a Green Baby through receiving nutrients from sunlight. Later on, the baby will produce a part of Dio’s soul, which will find Pucci to generate C-moon, an evolved stand of Stone Ocean.

Dio’s Bone

  • Grants : Used to gain Made in Heaven or World of Heaven. Evolves White snake. 
  • Spawn rate : 1/10 drop chance. 
  • Map : Morioh.
  • Rarity : Insane.

How to Obtain the Item?

You can earn Dio’s Bone by defeating DIO, which has a drop chance of 1/10. The spawns are undertaken every 30 minutes. However, upon receiving Dio Bone Aut, it has three uses: to evolve White snake, upgrade to level 10, and reset the specs. 

However, it grants only 5% worthiness but can be increased to 10% after obtaining a Double worth Game pass.  

Wrapping It All 

The post has included all the necessary facts of the well-known ‘A Universal Time’ game item, including information regarding Dio’s Bone. The spawn rate and use of Dio’s Bone, including upgrading to another level and evolving White snake, has been explained evenly in the write-up. 

Upon evaluating the facts, we have seen that Dio Bone Aut has much fame in the coming days, which helps evolve C-moon, an important item in the Stone Ocean event. Moreover, the item has a 1/10 drop chance from DIO. Visit here for more information regarding the Dio’s Bone

What do you know about the item? Kindly share your thoughts in the comments section provided below. 

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