Dimprice Reviews {March 2022} Read To Know, Is It Legit?

Dimprice Online Website Reviews

An article about the legitimacy of the Website and Dimprice Reviews that sells electronics and pay gadgets.

Are you the type of person who loves to shop? Are you an electronics enthusiast? Do you love to keep yourself upgraded with new electronics, or are you a photographer looking for new cameras and accessories? If you are interested, then there is a website claiming to have everything related to electronics.

This e-commerce website is currently delivering products in the United KingdomWould you please continue reading this write-up for Dimprice Reviews to know more about its genuineness?

All details about the Dimprice Platform:

This e-commerce website is a site that deals with all the electronics under its website. The website claims to sell all the latest models of mobile phones, cameras, home entertainment and other electronic gadgets such as drones and e-scooters at an amazing price directly from the portal.


  • Email: support@dimprice.com
  • URL: https://www.dimprice.com/
  • Address: Suite 8 First Floor 85 Great Portland Street London, W1W 7LT, UK
  • Contact: The contact number given on the website is +447395855020
  • Domain type: The Website sells various electronic gadgets and mobiles.
  • Customer reviews – not available for this portal, so it raises a question, Is Dimprice Legit? 
  • Refund Policy: The Website offers a 14-day refund after they receive the returned goods.
  • Return Policy: The platform gives a 14-days return on its damaged goods and cancellation on all its goods.
  • Plagiarism: The content of the portal does not look plagiarized in terms of goods and design.

However, the genuineness of any website cannot be understood by looking at only the specifications of the platform. Therefore, before buying anything from the website, the buyers must check the reviews, pros, cons and other tools to analyze its legitimacy.

Let’s discuss some advantages and disadvantages before briefing Dimprice Reviews.

Pros of the website:

  • The website has a wide range of amazing electronic goods and accessories.
  • There is a discount on the website for each item.
  • The platform has a very good return and refund policy.
  • The platform ships to almost every country.
  • The portal also has a warranty on all its products.


  • There is no owner’s information given on this portal.
  • The prices are too good to be true on the platform on almost every product.
  • There are only card payment options on the products.
  • The policies are somewhat too good to be true.

Is Dimprice Legit?

  • Domain date: The portal was created on 29/05/2018, over two years.
  • Social Media Presence: The Website is present in social media, including Facebook, Instagram
  • Payment Option: The Website provides several payment methods, including Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, and many more.
  • Alexa Ranking: The website has an Alexa ranking of 2,035,435, which is quite low.
  • Trust score: The Portal has a 40% trust score which is almost sufficient.
  • Owner’s Information: The portal does not contain any owner’s information.
  • Customer Reviews – We have not found any Dimprice Reviews.
  • The portal analyzes have proved high malware attacks due to the absence of metadata and do not mention specific countries it shipped.
  • Presently, the Website has been partially recognized due to the absence of contact information. 
  • The domain linked is chained to the countries being known for fraudulent Ecommerce portals.
  • HTTPS protocol was present in the current Website; however that is not a sign of genuineness.

From the above factors, the website seems suspicious. Let us take a look at customer reviews in detail.

Dimprice Reviews.

Customer reviews play a vital role in prompting the conclusion of the buyers and the legality of the Platform. It has the potential to change your choices. The present portal does not contain any reviews from the customer, and we are unable to find Customer reviews both on the official website and the social media.

If you want to keep yourself safe from fraudulent activities and Websites. 

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In conclusion, we can say that the website contains fabulous products, but the website is not found trusted, as we are unable to find Dimprice Reviews. Also it lacks a trust score and Alexa ranking, and this puts a huge question  mark on the Website’s legitimacy. 

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