Did Will Smith Cheat On His Wife {March} Truth Revealed!

This article discussed the controversial relationship between Will Smith and Jada. Did Will Smith Cheat On His Wife is also discussed in this article.

Do you have any ideas about this controversial news about famous actor Will Smith? Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, are again in the bulletin. This scenario is recorded in the Oscar award ceremony when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock while joking about Smith’s relationship.

This controversial news spread huge rumors in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. Chris Rock made a funny statement about Jada and her alopecia. Also, Did Will Smith Cheat On His Wife is also a great rumor.

Will Smith Confession.

Will Smith, found that his wife has an external relationship with a famous rapper August Alsina. Therefore, both Smiths decided to come to live show Red-table-talk to confront their relationship and clarify all the gossip and doubt.

August Alsina said he had a good relationship with another lady at 50, Trip Star. Also, Will Smith says that Jada had a relationship with August while having a break in the marriage. Now, let us discuss more to identify the truth.

Did Will Smith Ever Cheat On His Wife

Many fans think that Will Smith is also cheating on his wife, Jada. But the Red table showed that Will is confirming that his wife is the only one cheating on him after having a good relationship of 23 years of marriage.

Will Smith gave some statements regarding his wife that she doesn’t believe in controversial relationships. She belongs to a family with very different thought processes and love for each other. They have different kinds of parenting. Will Smith cleared his name from the controversy of cheating on his wife.

Did Will Smith Cheat On His Wife or Not?

Will Smith cleared everything regarding his relationship with his wife. Fans are creating a massive rumor regarding Will Smith. Although he clarified everything, though fans have their own opinion. Will also state that marriage for them couldn’t be a prison, so they trusted each other to give the freedom to find their way. But this controversy took a huge diversion when Chris Rock made a funny statement about their relationship.

Will Smith and Jada have two kids; Jaden and daughter Willow. Both of these kids also experienced the distance between their parents. Did Will Smith Ever Cheat On His Wife clear from all statements?


Will Smith clarifies their current and past relationship from all the statements. The news that he is also cheating on his wife is still a rumor. However, Jada was the person who was cheating on Will Smith.

Write down your comments and views regarding this controversy. For more info on Jada and Smith Love story. Did Will Smith Cheat On His Wife is very much clear from this article.

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