Did Tolkien Write the Dictionary {March 2022} Know Impact!

Did Tolkien Write the Dictionary {March 2022} Know Impact! >> This article presents all the facts that relate a person to the English dictionary.

Are you a fan of the celebrated writer J.R.R Tolkien? Do you want to know about his relation to the dictionary where he and his fans have claimed that he made a significant contribution towards several words? So today, we’ll present to you all the relevant facts about Did Tolkien Write the Dictionary

There have been many intriguing theories about this topic, especially from people in the United StatesUnited Kingdom and Canada. So, how many of these theories are true? Let’s find out!

Who was Tolkien?

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, popularly known as J.R.R. Tolkien or Tolkien, was an English poet, author, writer, academic and philologist. He lived between 3rd January 1892 and 2nd September 1973, during which time he made significant contributions to the world of English; his best-known work is in the genre of high fantasy literature, with works like The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit. But, Did Tolkien Write the DictionaryWe’ll find this out soon!

Interesting facts!

Let’s take a look at the fascinating research we found while trying to connect Tolkein with the dictionary:

  • When he began his career, he worked as a staff in the writing of the Oxford English Dictionary between 1919 and 1920. He said he learned more in these two years than in his entire life.
  • Moreover, it’s also said that it once happened that a professional who was working on Lord of The Rings said that he wanted the words elves and dwarves as elfs and dwarfs because those were the spellings in the dictionary. So Tolkien told him that “I wrote the dictionary!”

Did Tolkien Write the Dictionary?

Both the facts above point us to the same direction, and to strengthen this information, we have some more findings:

  • As stated by an assistant currently working in the Oxford English Dictionary office, Tolkien wrote many words starting with the alphabet ‘W’ such as walrus, warlock, waggle, walnut, wampum, waistcoat, wake, wane, wild, waiting, waiter, want, etc. which were assigned to him because he was good with deciphering difficult etymologies.
  • Furthermore, there is proof that Tolkein worked on these words because he wrote in slips and books that have to date been preserved in the Oxford English Dictionary archives and Leeds University, where he worked after OED.
  • While finding out Did Tolkien Write the Dictionary, wealso discovered another known fact that he developed words like Hobbit, Mithril, Orc, Dwarves, Tween and many more to use in his writings, some of which were even added to the dictionary later on.

Final verdict:

With the above information, we can certainly establish that Tolkien did make a significant contribution towards the making of the English Dictionary. He spent countless hours puzzling over many etymologies of difficult words, which we commonly use today, and we must recognise his efforts as the linguistic genius he is known to be. I hope we have now answered your question, Did Tolkien Write the Dictionary?

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