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Please read this article to know about the rumor of Did Steve Burns Have Cancer and the busting of the talks.

Are you aware of the popular children’s show host Steve Burns? Have you wondered why Steve Burns left the show ‘Blue’s Clues’ in 2002? Have you also heard about different rumors about Steve Burns? Then read this article as we bust all the myths.

The ‘Blue’s Clues’ show was top-rated in the United States from 1995 to 2002 because of its host Steve Burns. Recently after his bald pictures resurfaced, many rumors spread, and one was, Did Steve Burns Have Cancer? So, here we shall try to answer the myth.

Who was Steve Burns?       

Steve Burns is an American show star, musician, children show host, and producer. He was born on 9th October 1973 in Boyertown, Pennsylvania. Burns was always an enthusiastic person and always preferred to be active on stage. That is why; he played a part in various bands during High School. Steve Burns rose to fame when he auditioned for a preschool Children’s Show titled ‘Blue’s Clues,’ first aired in 1995. Steve Burns was known for his iconic green and white t-shirt and long hair. But in 2002, he left the show without any notice.

Did Steve Burns Have Cancer; the departure:

In 2002, Steve Burns suddenly and instead abruptly left the ‘Blue’s Clues’ show leaving the fans all over the United States disheartened. He introduced a new host to the show on the air and departed from the show. A few years later, the questions started arising that might be Steve Burns had died in a car accident or have become a heroin addict. Later, Burns appeared in ‘The Rosie O’Donnell Show’ and clarified few rumors about his exit.

In 2016, Burns, in an interview with ‘The Huffington Post, Steve burns stated that he had done everything that needed to be done with the character in ‘Blue’s Clues.’ So, Did Steve Burns Have Cancer? This question started emerging and trending on social media after he appeared utterly bald in the pictures. But, Steve Burns evaded this rumor at that time.

The Rumor Busted:

Recently, the TV Star took to nickelodeon’s Twitter wearing the same ‘Blue’s Clue’ dress and a cap with glasses to address the fans for the 25th Anniversary of the show. He never says why he left the show but thanks all the fans of the show. People again started questioning his health, as he looked rather pale and weary compared to his previous pictures. 

So, Did Steve Burns Have Cancer? The answer is negative. Steve Burns did not want to appear in a children’s show without any hair when asked about his return anytime later. But, he also clarified that he is healthy and is not suffering from any terminal diseases.


Therefore, we can conclude that the popular show host and entertainer Steve Burns did abruptly leave the show ‘Blue’s Clues,’ not for any heroin addiction or anything but because of his fulfillment to the character. To bust the rumor of Did Steve Burns Have Cancer? The answer is crystal clear. You can know more about Steve Burns and the rumors.  

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